Rush Limbaugh and the Jihadi Singers on Fox News Sunday

Rush_Limbaugh_Fox_SundayKnowing that the Leftist “mainstream” media doesn’t give a flying rip about facts or truth and only wants an opportunity to bash conservatives when they talk to them, radio host Rush Limbaugh seldom gives media interviews.

But he appeared on Fox News Sunday yesterday because conservatives can still (for the most part) still get somewhat of a fair shake at Fox News.

One of the important realities examined was a very enlightening and illustrative set of clips that first shows Barack Obama calmly and sedately commenting on a terrorist massacre, then getting all worked up and angry when he talks about conservatives who want to put the brakes on a refugee program fraught with danger for our country.

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As Limbaugh points out, while our current anti-American president always goes soft on America’s enemies (at best) and usually makes excuses for America’s enemies, just let him consider a patriotic, freedom-loving American…and the guy gets all worked up and really knows how to badmouth someone at that point.

What does it say about a person who is soft on evil or even makes excuses for it…but gets worked up and furious about people who stand for what is right and for the principles that produced the greatest nation in history?

What does that say about that person?

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It was clear before Barack Obama was ever elected to the presidency, and it has been even more clear since becoming president that Barack Obama hates the United States, everything it stands for, and everything good that it has ever done (and he can hardly admit any of the great things the United States has done).

How sad that Democrats, RINOs, and low-information voters engineered the two-time election of a man who loathes the foundational principles of the country he leads.  He could not have been elected were it not for liberals in both parties.

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