The West on Suicide Watch

Paris_terrorist_attacksBill Whittle discusses the amazing failure intelligence (both the “intelligence” that is information about particular activities, and “intelligence” that is rational thought followed by rational action) in the West, especially when it concerns dealing with radical Islam.

As Whittle says, just because someone is shouting “Allahu akbar” doesn’t mean someone is about to get their head cut off, but pretty much every time someone gets their head cut off, someone is shouting “Allahu akbar”.  It doesn’t take a genius to make the correlation, only someone willing to come to terms with reality.

It isn’t like there haven’t been warning signs for years, decades, yet the West has insisted on living in fantasyland while this malevolent brew simmered within its own borders. Instead of dealing with the problems that have started to manifest themselves by Muslim non-assimilation into Western values, Western authorities have only rewarded those who perpetrate those problems.

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Western authorities have excused bad behavior by trying to “understand” the perpetrators of bad behavior, by claiming the bad behavior is a result of privation (funny how not nearly all people who lack material wealth turn to crime and violence), by bending over backwards to accommodate anti-Western culture even in the middle of the West.

The fundamental tenets of Islam are antithetical to Western values which sprang out of Judeo-Christian values.  The two cannot peacefully coexist in the same society, and since the tenets of Islam call for forcing unbelievers to convert or die, it is pretty clear which set of values is likely to win when most people in the West don’t even understand their own philosophical heritage.

So since Western authorities are apparently unwilling to fight for the values that made the West so fantastically successful and free, it is clear that the West is on suicide watch.

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