Prairie County PAC: ‘No Syrian Immigrants’

Prairie_County_PAC_2As Governor Daugaard dragged his feet for days other Governors across the nation took a stand against having Syrian refugees settled in their back yards. Now Governor Daugaard has only joined in calling for additional background checks and refuses to fight the federal government if they decide to choose South Dakota as their dumping ground.

That is why I am asking you to sign my petition telling Dennis Daugaard that the people of South Dakota do not want to take the risk, or pay the price!

By now we all know the security concerns but this issue is even more dynamic. When refugees are moved here they are automatically enrolled in government programs such as Medicaid. The average cost of Medicaid per person in South Dakota is $4,213 per adult and $2,502 per child per year. This is just one example of a program the refugees will be enrolled in. Which is why I am asking you to sign my petition and tell Dennis Daugaard that the risk is just too great.

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South Dakota must lead by example and stand strong for fiscal responsibility! America is a land of opportunity where we welcome immigrants and refugees looking for a better life, but welcoming refugees only to put them on welfare is not responsible. Conservatives in South Dakota must unite and say NO to even more government spending!

Please join with so many other conservatives in South Dakota by signing the “No Syrian immigrants petition” immediately!


Woodrow Wilcox


Richard Hilgemann
Prairie Country PAC

P.S. Now is the time to turn up the heat on Governor Daugaard, with other Governors across the country taking a stand this is our best chance to persuade the Governor to stand with the majority of South Dakotans against this fiscal irresponsibility. So please sign your petition today to help send a loud and clear message!

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