The Long, Dark Road of ‘Fundamental Transformation’

Obama_arrogant_fSince there have been a few reader friends wondering if I had fallen off the face of the earth, I thought I would make an effort to knock out a column.  The reason for my absence from this space since early September is a combination of burn-out from discouragement at watching vile, commie schemes triumph and weariness of repeating myself till the cows come home (they’re still not home).  So, what more can I say?  Well, this again:

You can try to shout me down, or you can scoff at my assertions, or you can report me to the Commie High Command, or you can simply refuse to believe a word I say.  It doesn’t matter, because reality doesn’t change to suit our desires or our warped perception of it.  I might desire, or even truly believe, that our “best days are ahead” in the United States of America, but reality says, “No way, José.”  Ahead, is a long, dark road (hat tip, The Hollies) of “fundamental transformation,” of America lost.

In the simplest terms, the bottom-line reality, whether you are able to see and accept it or not, is that all people are currently engaged in a spiritual war, a war for each of our souls, to eternal death or eternal life in Jesus Christ.  There are only two sides, the side of Almighty God, the Father of Jesus, the Creator of everything, and the side of Satan, God’s dedicated enemy, a being created by God and given free will with which he chose to set himself forever against God.  Every person in the world is on one side or the other.  There is no in-between, no neutral ground, no other reality.

While God is ultimately in control, the Bible is clear that Satan is the god of this world, for now, although his time is short, and he’s enraged knowing it.  At this time, he is running the show of the powers of the air and the kings of the world.  He is having his way with the lying messages we see, hear and read in our “popular culture,” in our grade schools and universities, in our corporate “codes of conduct,” in our governmental policies and almost everywhere we look.

Unless you understand the spiritual reality of our world, very little of what you see happening will make sense.  None of what Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) does makes sense, unless you realize that he is a tool of the devil.  His motivation is to do the evil will of his spiritual father, who hates everything of God.  God is the Author of all good things, of truth, reason, knowledge, wisdom, freedom, the precious value of human life, the sanctity of marriage and proper sexuality, of real love.  Being driven by the dark desires of Satan, Obama hates all these things.  Perhaps above all, just like the devil, Obama hates Christ and His people, as well as God’s chosen nation, Israel.  And, because the United States of America was founded by Christian men upon Biblical principles of freedom and right and just government, Obama hates this nation.

From the beginning of his despotic reign, Obama has been out to destroy America as founded.  He has been wildly successful in his efforts.  He and his fellow-traveling communists in power (yes, that’s what they are) have achieved almost every devilish goal they’ve sought.  And, whether it’s because of fear and intimidation, bribery or even agreement with the terrible policies, the Republican opposition has not resisted the lawlessness of the Obama administration and the outrages that have come out of the federal courts.

Woodrow Wilcox


So, here we stand, powerlessly watching our nation fall under the hell-born will of people who hate us.  Obama and his buddies are aggressively imposing their lawless, evil plans on America.  They are flooding our land with illegal aliens, plenty of whom are violent rouges, and Muslim enemies who seek to steal, kill and destroy here in the U.S.  And, an utterly deranged Obama mocks those of us who speak out against the lunacy of bringing in Syrian “refugees.”

The Obama crime syndicate (along with a slavish media) is feverishly ramping up the insane lies about the “dangers” of “climate change” (because the “global warming” ruse fell apart and had to be given new “branding”).  The wretched thing about “climate change” is that so many people, especially young people, are buying it hook, line and sinker, because they’re being propagandized in the public schools to believe it is real, that man is “destroying the planet” by living a blessed life with God-given energy.  The truth is that the whole “climate change” hoax is a communist scheme to destroy private property rights, to control our behavior from cradle to grave, to limit our movement, to rob us of wealth.  In short, it’s about abolishing our freedom.

Under Obama, the sexual anarchist movement has quickly achieved diabolical gains.  We are now dealing with such lunacy as same-sex “marriage” and so-called “transgender” rights (which translates to the loss of actual rights for ordinary Americans).  Twenty years ago, if I had told you that men pretending to be women would be granted the “right” to use the ladies public restroom and shower in the women’s locker room at the gym, you would’ve laughed at me.  The militant homofascist movement is yet another ugly tool of the communist freedom-robbers and society destroyers.

I could go on, and I could reiterate the sickening laundry list of malfeasance and lawlessness of Obama, his administration, the federal courts and others.  I could cite the numerous grounds for impeachment of this treasonous enemy in the White House, but those of you who have been watching, who have eyes to see, whose minds are not blinded by darkness and gross deception, you already know these things.

The question is, can all the damage done be stopped and undone?  Can our constitutional Republic be restored?  Can we again bind the monster federal government to its enumerated powers?  Terribly, I don’t believe we can.  I believe we are powerless against the evil machine that our federal overlords have constructed.  It’s not just a problem of our government, but also of the hearts of many people in this nation.  The love of many is growing cold.  The leftists who have commandeered our public schools have succeeded in dumbing down our kids.  The culture is consumed with rot and decay.  We have a new generation of coddled, self-obsessed, Godless brats who don’t know truth.  We have hordes of feral, “social justice” malcontents who stand ready to burn down our cities when they’re not killing each other.

For these reasons and many more, I find it hard to write the same warnings week after week, because I know that only a miracle of undeserved mercy from the Lord can stop the destruction of our freedoms and the very nation we hold dear.  And, I truly don’t give a rip whether or not you can see the truth of this.  I see it, and so do many others.

What remains is what has always been, our purpose, our reason for being, and that is to worship God and to tell others about Him.  In our own halting, stumbling way, as we struggle daily against sin in our lives, we must cling to Jesus Christ, the only way under heaven that we can be saved.  If you don’t know Him, seek Him now, while He may be found.  And, let those of us who belong to Jesus pray for our nation and for ourselves and each other that we may stand strong for His truth in these ever-darkening, evil days.

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  • franklinb23

    Gina writes: “And, an utterly deranged Obama mocks those of us who speak out against the lunacy of bringing in Syrian “refugees”

    Okay, so who can we immediately reject of those seeking citizenship? Anyone from a Middle Eastern country? Would that include Israel and Saudi Arabia (who are both considered “allies”)?

    What about Russia or Ireland, Serbia or Croatia?

    I’m not advocating a stupid willingness to let anyone in. I’m just asking how we determine what an “acceptable” level of risk is and how we ascertain whether someone falls within that acceptable level or not.
    I’m not being argumentative. Really, I don’t want to be blown up either. The problem is that I don’t see any simple solution outside of ending immigration entirely. (And of course, that’s no guarantee either. Timothy McVeigh and that creep who shot up a black church were both American citizens).

    • WXRGina

      Oh, you’re seriously bringing up Tim McVeigh, one of the ONLY Americans to have done what he did? Fine, whatever.

      Franklin, you will not find me as kind and patient as the other guys here. You ask me a question? I answer: Suspend ALL immigration indefinitely. Seal the border. And, deport every illegal alien as we find him. You will not get anywhere against me with your leftist arguments.

    • Since we know terrorists are using the Syrian exodus to gain access to Western countries, this group is, at a minimum, a good place to start.

      There is a host of moral and practical reasons to do this, many of which I outlined here:

      Timothy McVeigh and the church shooter were at least legally entitled to be here because they were born here. There is no “right” to come to America, much less a right to live here or become a citizen.

      The American government has a duty first and above all to protect the lives and property of its citizens. Anything that jeopardizes that constitutes a dereliction of government’s primary responsibility if it is allowed.

    • Thisoldspouse

      What “right” does ANY outsider have to demand citizenship, especially at a cost of the safety and security of current citizens? We need to immediately reject the fallacious assumption that the United States solely exists for those OUTSIDE its borders. Such a view is suicidal.

      • franklinb23

        TOS: Where did I ever suggest we allow anyone and everyone in? When have I ever even remotely implied that there is a “right” to demand citizenship? You guys keep assigning things to me that I’ve never stated.

        The problem here is that some extreme positions are taken here (that aren’t even held by men like Ted Cruz who was, himself, born of immigrant parents and who *supports* immigration for Syrian Christians!), and anyone who disagrees or even asks a question is either stupid or evil or both.

        Here’s a Southern Baptist pastor from Alabama, Alan Cross:

        “First of all, the refugees that come to the United States through the Refugee Resettlement Program for are fleeing truly horrible conditions around the world. They have already been vetted by multiple U.S. agencies in refugee camps overseas in a variety of ways before they ever enter the United States. No visitor to the United States is more scrutinized than a refugee from a conflict zone. This process can take anywhere from over 6 months to a couple of years. If a terrorist wanted to enter the United States, going through the refugee resettlement process is absolutely the hardest way to do it. If we cannot trust the process by which the United States Government vets refugees fleeing violence and persecution, then we cannot trust any form of our border security or immigration or visa processes. Governor Bentley might as well say that he will not allow any foreign students, workers, or tourists to come in to Alabama from anywhere.”

        Disagree with him if you must, but for goodness’ sake, you can’t label this guy (and others like him) as unthinking “Leftists”. Sheesh

        • I don’t know Alan Cross from Adam, and I have no idea what his politics are across the board, but if he believes we should continue allowing Syrian “refugees” to come to America (especially when they would be much better off much closer to their homeland) after all we know about what’s going on with that exodus, then he’s been drinking liberally at the fountain of Leftist koolaid when it comes to this suicidal feel-good mentality the Left is known for.

          I covered the insanity of allowing Syrian “refugees” to continue coming into this country under current conditions here ( and when you consider all the information I linked to in that article, it’s flat crazy to support continued Syrian immigration at the current time. A rational person would have grave concerns under a Republican administration, but under this anti-America, pro-Islamist government, it’s nuts.

          • franklinb23

            As a Christian, Bob, do you think there is a moral obligation to assist other Christians (or even non-Christian families who oppose ISIS) in escaping this violence and torture?

            I read the Gospels, and it seems inescapable to me. Christ said that what we do to the least is what He considers done to Him. How does one fulfill this mandate on an individual level if our only (or primary) interest is our own safety? You can’t, because the risk is always there.

            I sometimes think about giving food or money to those people standing on the road with signs saying “Homeless vet” or something similar. Then I think: “Oh, this person’s probably on drugs. Either that or they’re trying to con me or assault me in some fashion”. So I don’t do anything. Is this the only rational response? If so, we’ll never end up helping anyone, right?

            Obviously I’m not making these statements as someone who thinks he’s “better”. I’m coming from a perspective of self-preservation as well. I’ll help people I know well and that’s it.

            • retiredday

              “moral obligation” is not the point. It may be how you choose to think of it, but that isn’t what Scripture teaches, unless you cherry pick verses and take them out of context. 1 Corinthians 2:14 underscores this: “The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.”

              Jesus said, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” That means the Christian motivation for helping others is one of love (compassion), not a sense of moral obligation. One cannot understand this without being led by God’s Holy Spirit.

              “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” — 2 Corinthians 9:7. Christians give, serve, help and love not because of a “moral obligation” or a religious duty, but because that is how the LORD loves the world through his Church. Our response to God leading us to help others is personal, voluntary and between each believer and God.

              Don’t confuse the Christian motivation to help those in need with international, geopolitical policy. The national/political question of whether or how America might help war refugees from the other side of the world (and the dealing with subsequent risks) does not have the same parameters as Christian charity

            • Before I answer your main question, I’ll address a side point you brought up. When dispensing charity in impromptu situations like the “homeless vet” you mentioned (which you really don’t know is really a homeless vet or not), it is best to actually take them somewhere and buy them a meal or buy them a particular product that is useful (i.e. clothes, a night at a motel, etc.) rather than just hand them some money. Why? If they’re just going to take the money you give them and go buy a bottle of cheap wine or drugs (which many will do-I used to work in law enforcement, and worked for many years with my church’s benevolence program), then you are enabling them to continue in the kind of behavior that put them where they are now-in need. Most people in America have no clue that most people who are “in need” in this prosperous nation got there because of bad choices (sexual behavior that wrought costly consequences, substance abuse, gambling problems, etc.). That’s why, if you take the time to look, the Bible doesn’t just say “give money indiscriminately,” but actually says to be very careful about helping others, so that you do not enable them to continue to live in a state of perpetual dependence.

              Now to your primary question about the Syrian “refugees” (which, according to many in our government, we don’t even know if a lot of them are actual refugees, because of poor documentation, deception, etc.), people can reach out to help others, and people can even take risks to help others.


              In the past, I’ve stopped to help people beside the road or to give someone a ride. But I never do so when I have my family with me. There are certain risks I’ll take with my own welfare, that I cannot and SHOULD NOT take with my family’s welfare.

              If a person wants to volunteer to go to Syria or another refugee center in the Middle East, God bless them. If they want to give money to help Syrian “refugees,” that can also be done with relative responsibility.

              But when you advocate or are involved in the decision to bring people who have a high degree of likelihood of being terrorists with evil intent into our country, you’re endangering other people,, and one person does not have the moral authority to put OTHERS in danger.

              Until such time as verification of these refugees can be made better than it is, and until such time as our government can be reasonably relied on not to be totally incompetent and not actually working against us as it is under our current anti-American pro-Islamist president, bringing in Syrian refugees (who would be a lot better off in the Middle East, where they are closer to their own culture and roots) is an irresponsible risk that violates government’s first and primary mandate: to protect the lives and property of its citizens.

          • Thisoldspouse

            One of my biggest beefs with the Christian tradition of my upbringing, the Southern Baptist Convention, is the recent coddling of illegal aliens as a Convention policy. In this respect, they AGREE with Obama in his actions. I cannot condone it, and will not have any fellowship with a group whose policy is to condone open borders. I’ll bet every one of these denominational leaders insists on having locks on the doors of his house and car(s). It’s hypocritical to not insist on having common-sense locks on the doors of our nation.

            • I wasn’t aware of this. I would have expected Southern Baptists leaders to be smarter than this. But the poison of liberalism is infiltrating virtually every strata of society. The seductive nature of feel-good-ism and the easy way are hard to fight when so many in the culture are surrendering to it. That’s why it’s so important that those who know better stand firm on what’s right, to be the salt and light that they can be.

              • Thisoldspouse

                The SBC is in the midst of an identity crisis, under the delusion that its shrinking membership is a ‘marketing’ failure, so they are pulling out all of the stops to recruit new customers. If you can’t see why they are shrinking, perhaps this exact ‘numbers’ attitude is the reason why.

              • franklinb23

                The SBC may simply be compensating (or over-compensating) for their history. They originally split from the unified Baptists because they wanted to be able to appoint slaveholders as missionaries (which the parent denomination rejected).

                It should be noted that the SBC isn’t exactly a liberal denomination today: pastors like Al Mohler, Robert Jeffress and Franklin Graham are affiliated with it. All three have been among the most conservative voices of the modern evangelicals (especially compared to the Presbyterians or Episcopalians).

                In other words, I don’t know where you’re going to find a denomination that is going to please you in every facet of its theology and politics, no matter how far to the “Right” they claim to be. They all have their soft (or weak, to you) spots.

                Maybe start your own denomination? It’s been done before, with some success. 😉

              • It’s possible, though I doubt it’s directly related to that. I think most Southern Baptists (especially since most are Republicans these days) don’t associate themselves with the racist past of Democrats.

                You are also correct that they are still fairly conservative overall, especially among some key leaders.

                And you are correct that no denomination is correct in every position they take, unfortunately.

                Nevertheless, it is appropriate to call out the Southern Baptist leadership for this is a serious betrayal of the rule of law and common sense. If good people aren’t critical of errors when they arise especially from leaders, then those errors will grow….until you have a rotten-to-the-core denomination that is worth nothing more than to be thrown into the fire (John 15:6) or trampled underfoot (Matthew 5:13).

                God is a god of order, justice and uprightness. Allowing illegal aliens to violate our borders and our laws and give them a pass for such behavior (as well as server as enablers for our so-called leaders to condone such lawlessness) violates key tenets of Biblical doctrine.

                Rather than doing so in light of the racist past of some Southern Democrats, it is almost certainly nothing more than the infiltration of liberal poison that is infecting virtually every group in America at every level-simply because people no longer know (and often don’t care about) what is right.

              • Thisoldspouse

                “The SBC may simply be compensating (or over-compensating) for their history.”

                Which begs the question: Why only start compensating NOW?

                I’ll concede that the culture is, indeed, a catalyst for either change or resistance, for good or for bad. Change is not always good merely by virtue of it’s being “change.” There are things that SHOULD be conserved, unchanged, through the ages. Try building a foundation to a home or other critical building that is subject to change with every movement of the environment, and you’ll be courting disaster.

                The SBC has both remained stagnant AND changed to please a generation. They have acted as if maintaining the “friend-of-the-culture” status is feasible, when the culture is now not the same, but has become hostile to everything that biblical Christianity, and plain reason, stands for. They have changed in the superficial methods of worship, catering to the rebellious styles of youth at the expense of the great, biblically solid hymns of the past ardent saints. Both of these dynamics have taken a toll on the denomination.

        • Thisoldspouse

          When you ask “… who can we immediately reject of those seeking citizenship?” you make the tacit implication that these people somehow have a right to this status. The question should be properly asked, “what does a person who would like emigrate to the U.S. have to do, what requirements should be met first, to be considered as a possible candidate for emigration, and then possibly citizenship?” Rejection is, or should be, the default condition, not something that has to be defended.

  • Gyst53

    Gina….you have summed up the unmitigated truth about Obama’s Hope and Change for America in 1338 words! Thank You for your succinct portrayal of where this presidential impostor is taking our country.

    Here is what our first President had to say about our great Nation:

    George Washington Inaugural Address

    Date: April 1789

    “The blessed Religion revealed in the word of God will remain an eternal and awful monument to prove that the best Institution may be abused by human depravity; and that they may even, in some instances be made subservient to the vilest purposes. Should, hereafter, those incited by the lust of power and prompted by the Supineness or venality of their Constituents, overleap the known barriers of this
    Constitution and violate the unalienable rights of humanity: it will only serve
    to shew, that no compact among men (however provident in its construction and
    sacred in its ratification) can be pronounced everlasting an inviolable, and if
    I may so express myself, that no Wall of words, that no mound of parchm[en]t
    can be so formed as to stand against the sweeping torrent of boundless ambition
    on the one side, aided by the sapping current of corrupted morals on the other.”

    and the end of his adminstration….

    “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and
    morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute
    of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human
    happiness…. reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national
    morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.”

    - George Washington’s farewell address, 1796

    • WXRGina

      Thank you, Gyst!

      ~Gina Miller

      • Gyst53

        We have laws to protect us, but they are being selectively applied by
        political discretion and at the expense of our national security that all of our liberty is at serious risk!

        Let us pray that many innocent American lives our not lost by acts
        of terrorism here on our soil…. because of this socialist political regime!

        The truth will seek and ultimately find justice!