The Corruption of Campaign Finance Reform

Madison_freedom_speechDid you know that so-called “campaign finance reform” only produces more corruption?

You can look at least as far back as John McCain’s so-called efforts to “get money out of politics” which got even more money into politics, and most of it with less public exposure than there was before.

Of course, anything that seeks to control what a free person does with their own property (i.e. their own money that they earned from the fruits of their own labor) is anti-American.

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I was approached several months ago by a group that seeks to implement “campaign finance reform” in South Dakota, hoping for my support.  Though I was pretty sure up front that I could not support it because of the anti-freedom nature of such proposals, I met with them and listened.  There were a few elements of their proposal that I could support (stronger ethics measures and more transparency), but these seemed secondary to their goals, and I cannot support more restrictions on what a free person does with their own money.

What’s more, the law of unintended consequences (or perhaps it’s really hidden “intended consequences”) and campaign finance reform seem to always end up funneling more and more money into the process, but further and further from rank and file Americans who are the real owners of government, according to the way America was founded to operate.  Instead of just small contributions coming in from average Americans, huge amounts of money from large donors ends up funneled through PACs and other public policy groups, and unless you’re willing to spend time researching where all this money comes from (which 99% of Americans aren’t), it gets farther and farther removed from the public and public scrutiny.

“Campaign finance reform” has always ended up becoming “incumbent protection.”  If you were around in the late 1990s and early 2000s, you may recall that John McCain’s legislation back then were called by conservatives what it really was: The Incumbent Protection Act.

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This latest video from Prager University illustrates how the whole scam works.

Another bad by-product of “campaign finance reform” is that it often becomes a club with which to beat honest candidates over the head. All you have to do is launch a claim or investigation into supposed financial contribution problems against a certain conservative candidate, or make allegations about someone who donated to the candidate, and you have an excellent tool with which to beat up someone who did nothing wrong. In recent years, I have seen petty corrupt RINOs use campaign finance law as an excuse to whine and go after people who actually want to make a difference.  These disgusting trolls care more about little technical violations (of laws that are actually contrary to liberty) than they care about the moral and political bankruptcy of their favored RINO candidates.

So the next time someone starts selling you on controlling how another American uses their own property to protect their God-given freedom of speech, just say no.

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