College: What Do You Get For It?

Phil Jensen


collegeUnless you’re careful, a lot of debt with little to show for it.

Since 1978, college has gone up over 1000%, where the inflation rate has been 265. This fattens up the college establishment (the administrators and professors), but doesn’t give you a better education.

Many of the degree programs don’t prepare you for a job. They teach you about things there is little demand for in the real world. Cross country ballroom dancing, how to give a king a really hard time.

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Government–especially in today’s irresponsible age–doesn’t care if you dig yourself tens of thousands of dollars (or more) into debt right out of high school. Interest from student loans keeps the cash rolling in to the insatiable government maw, so that’s fine with them.  Politicians from both parties don’t care if you accrue more debt–after all, they have you over $18 trillion in the hole on the national debt.

What college DOES excel at today is teaching young people what a terrible place America is,how it was founded on slavery, blah blah blah, and that we need to turn America into a Marxist hellhole because somehow, we can make Marxism work where it’s failed everywhere else it’s ever been tried.

Education is important. Get yourself educated. But do it wisely and frugally. Don’t run yourself eyebrows-deep in debt…especially for a Leftist propaganda indoctrination that seeks to turn you against the greatest nation in history.


Woodrow Wilcox


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