Ben Carson’s Troubling Record on Homosexuality

Dr. Ben Carson (Photo credit: Michael Vadon)

Dr. Ben Carson (Photo credit: Michael Vadon)

Phil Jensen


I received some disturbing information today about Dr. Ben Carson’s support for the homosexual agenda in my email today.

When I initially glanced at this shortly after I received it on my phone in an email, I didn’t see the links to more information, and decided at the time that I’d need to know more before I held this against Carson.

When I got a closer look at the email on my desktop, I saw there were links and looked them up.  What I saw caused me to cool considerably toward Carson.

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From Yahoo News:

But some leaders in the social conservative movement that has backed Carson say his more than 15-year record on the boards of retailer Costco Wholesale and food manufacturer Kellogg could pose a challenge for him as he seeks the nomination.

Carson supported various initiatives at both companies, such as barring discrimination based on gender identity, providing health insurance for employees’ domestic partners, and offering more diversity training. Because of such changes the companies now are ranked as some of the best in the United States by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocates.

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“I think he has to explain this,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Christian conservative lobbying group Family Research Council. “As he is pursuing the presidency, what he has to make clear is that the board positions should not be reflective of his public policy.”

Perkins and other conservative leaders say they fear that some of the changes at American corporations could be used to punish employees with unpopular political views. They worry, for instance, that workers who do not support same-sex marriage could be found in violation of anti-discrimination policies.

Very few people in America would hold anything significant against a homosexual in the workplace who was doing their job and not flaunting their immoral sexual behavior publicly.  But that’s not really what’s at issue here. “Anti-discrimination policies” sound innocuous on the surface, but as we are seeing around the country, they can and are used to brutally oppress and punish Christians who refuse to go along with the Left’s agenda to corrupt marriage, family and sexual normality.  So-called “anti-discrimination” postures are often used these days to discriminate against anyone who disagrees with the liberal line, and force them from where ever Leftists want to see them removed.

And when it comes to providing health benefits for homosexual partners of employees, this is nothing short of subsidizing an immoral and unhealthy sexual practice, and attempting to normalize habitual sodomy. Further, subsidizing this dangerous lifestyle adds to the premiums of others in the plan because of the increased health care costs common among homosexuals–and forces others to help pay for that dangerous lifestyle.

Diversity training” is nothing more than pro-homosexual indoctrination and harassment. “Diversity training” is a method used by the Left to browbeat anyone who knows right from wrong into conforming to save their job…or losing their job for maintaining that what is right is right. Forced “diversity”, especially when it involves an immoral behavior, is often at the expense of others. On the hypocritical Left, remember that “diversity” means “everyone agrees with us, or you’ll regret it.”

This is where the rubber meets the road.  America doesn’t have time to play around with leaders who are anything less than 100% totally committed to returning this nation to sanity–moral, fiscal, and otherwise.

Ben Carson impressed a lot of people, myself included, a few years ago when he spoke candidly about the moral bankruptcy of the Obama Administration at the National Prayer Breakfast. Those things needed to be said.  As George Orwell pointed out, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Saying the right thing is important. But doing the right thing, especially when you’re in those critical decision-making positions, is infinitely more important than merely saying the right thing.

After all, how many “Republicans” in recent years have SAID the right thing on the campaign trial…only to DO the wrong thing once they are elected, failing America yet again?

A leader joining in, acquiescing to, or surrendering on things like “anti-discrimination” policies, policies that attempt to normalize dangerous and immoral behaviors, and “diversity training” is nothing short of failing both those subordinate to them and society as a whole.  When it comes to the vicious, relentless assault of the Left on the moral fiber of this nation, everyone must do all they can to hold the line. For a leader to fail to hold the line is simply unacceptable.

I would be interested in knowing more specific details about Carson’s precise involvement in these matters, but it doesn’t look good.

Carson has been my third choice after the man with the best record of reliable conservatism (Senator Ted Cruz) and the man whose record is close on Cruz’s heel (Bobby Jindal)–second among those with a likely shot at the nomination–and though the alternative pickings for #3 or #2 get pretty slim after Carson, this information has caused me to rethink his ranking in my list of presidential choices.

I was already cautious about Carson because of his political and leadership inexperience, and I became more so when I learned of his ill-informed comments on the right to keep and bear arms and amnesty for illegal aliens (sorry, not buying the BS that “pathway to citizenship” is anything other than the amnesty that it is). Now I am even more cool.

It is extremely important that every American know everything they can about any candidate they are considering for our nation’s highest office. Hoping for the best, feeling good, and the like are not sufficient, especially when our nation is in critical condition.  Nothing less than the best will do.



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  • AJ Castellitto

    Carson is almost dead to me.. .. I’m Cruz #1 Trump #2 Paul #3 & Huckster #4….Carson #5

    • If Mike Huckabee is even on your list, I would encourage you to check out his record. I did so starting back in 2007, and immediately removed him from consideration of anything above assistant to the assistant dog catcher.

      • AJ Castellitto

        Christie #4?

        • Christie’s good on unions, bad on a number of other things.

          You can find out more here:

          • Thisoldspouse

            Christie signed into law the homoFascist anti-therapy for same-sex attracted minors bill. That is unforgiveable and treacherous toward the cause of conservatism. I consider him as big an archenemy as the most radical leftist.

            • franklinb23

              “Reparative therapy” is junk science. Some of these therapists use heterosexual pornography and nudity as a means of “curing” gays.

              While I think adults should be free to do whatever they want in terms of their own treatment, with minors it’s a different story.

              • No, reparative therapy is not junk science. A study conducted a few years ago revealed that former homosexuals actually have a better recovery rate than substance abusers like drugs and alcohol.

                Like those who fail to break free of their drug, alcohol, or gambling addictions, it only fails for those who aren’t committed to changing their behavior.

                Parents have an obligation to help their children when that child is unhealthy in any way. Not understanding that a penis was made to be used sexually in concert with a vagina and vice versa is mentally unhealthy, and leads to a host of physically unhealthy maladies. More parents with sexually confused children should be helping them to understand that human beings were created to relate sexually male to female and vice versa.

              • DCM7

                “Some of these therapists use heterosexual pornography and nudity as a means of ‘curing’ gays.”
                Like anything else, reparative therapy can be done wrong, and what you describe (to whatever extent it really happens) would be a prime example of that. But that doesn’t change the fact that it can be done right.

                Granted, the various “ex-gays” of my own acquaintance did not (to my knowledge) get where they are by means of therapy per se. Rather, they got there by taking steps much like those in an addiction recovery process, and of course by serious faith in God. The use of pornography (of any kind) would certainly conflict with that.

                “While I think adults should be free to do whatever they want in terms of their own treatment, with minors it’s a different story.”
                You do realize that those who would ban reparative therapy for minors would generally also ban it for adults if they could, right?

              • Thisoldspouse

                But, I’ll bet you think minors should be administered puberty blocking drugs because they have fleeting fantasies that they are of the opposite sex.

                The hypocrisy cannot get thicker.

              • DCM7

                “I’ll bet you think minors should be administered puberty blocking drugs because they have fleeting fantasies that they are of the opposite sex.”
                Based on what I’ve seen, Franklin likely has the sense not to think that. Unfortunately, many other people who oppose reparative therapy for minors don’t.

              • Thisoldspouse

                In my experience, there is an incredibly monolithic world-view involved where those on the sexual perversion side are lock step with a number of issue almost universally. Thus, those who want to affirm homosexual behavior, and all of its permutations, also:
                - approve no-restriction abortion
                - approve no restrictions on drug use
                - hate and oppose biblical Christianity at every turn
                - want increasing and never-ending restrictions on the 2nd amendment right to arm ourselves
                - want “social justice” in “income equality” (theft), affirmative action, and sexual freedom - all according to their own definitions, of course.

                They may SAY that they have issue from which they deviate from this viewpoint system, but a little questioning usually reveals that they are lying, another virtue of the left.

              • improbus

                That’s a rather sweeping assessment. I guarantee you that there is more variety of opinion in the world than you think.

              • franklinb23

                No, I do not think that minors should be given hormones or undergo sex reassignment surgery.

              • Thisoldspouse

                Incidentally, the testimony that was used, and accepted, for the NJ legislative decision to ban such therapy included a woman who USED A FICTIONAL STORY as “fact” to “prove” how harmful the therapy was.

              • DCM7

                “the testimony that was used, and accepted, for the NJ legislative decision to ban such therapy included a woman who USED A FICTIONAL STORY as ‘fact’ to ‘prove’ how harmful the therapy was.”
                Kind of like how abortion got legalized in America due to the exploitation of a woman who lied about being raped and never actually got an abortion…
                Or how hate-crime laws were pushed based on an “anti-gay hate crime” that actually wasn’t…
                And so on. It’s like those promoting “left-wing” causes wouldn’t do so in an honest fashion even if they could.

      • AJ Castellitto

        I’m also being a bit seduced by Trump….. Remind me that I shouldnt be…..

    • WXRGina

      Yes, AJ, if you like Huckabee, I recommend you take Bob’s advice here and read the information about Huckabee’s terrible record that Bob provided. I would never, EVER vote for Mike Huckabee. Ever.

    • franklinb23

      Trump would be entertaining, I’ll give you that. He’s a frequent guest on the Howard Stern show, and Howard is hoping that Trump gets the White House.
      He’s thinking he may get some role in his administration, maybe even the Supreme Court. On Howard’s agenda is blowing up the moon, killing all the sharks and nuking various parts of the Middle East. He could be kidding but with Howard you can never be too sure. 😉

      • They blew up the moon in “The Time Machine” movie. It didn’t work out too well for them.

        • Thisoldspouse

          I thought that was an accident caused by mining? I’ll have to rewatch it. A very entertaining movie.

          • Yes, I believe it was something accidental and not intentional.

            I saw it on a “date night” with my Mrs., so I have fond memories of the movie for more than just the content. 🙂

  • franklinb23

    Regarding amnesty for illegals: what is the proposed solution? Rounding up and deporting as many of them as we can find?

    How much would it cost to do this? Would it have an impact on certain types of industries that employ these individuals? How do we deal with the children of these people who may be American citizens? Do we deport them too or separate them from their families? Do these questions even matter, or are we really just looking to “follow the law” for its own sake?

    • Rounding them up and deporting them is a mighty good start-in conjunction with locking down the border.

      Yes, it’ll cost a lot…but far less than what we’re wasting on unconstitutional programs. Besides, if we would only demonstrate we’re serious about our borders and immigration laws, a lot would self-deport. It happened in Arizona a few years ago when they decided to do what the federal government REFUSED to do.

      How do we deal with the children of illegal aliens who may be considered American citizens by virtue of being born here? Some consider birthright citizenship to be a perversion of the 14th Amendment and thus not even a reality. But assuming it is legal, send them home with their parents (you don’t separate families unless absolutely necessary because of the intransigence of the parents), and those “American citizen” children can come back once they’re 18…provided they do so legally and can prove they’re actually American citizens.

      It’s really not complicated at all. Like most things, we simply lack the will do do that is right.

    • Thisoldspouse

      What’s the cost for NOT doing this? That side is never explored, and would probably reveal a shocking reality.

  • Mia

    Is there websites that the public can go to that has the plans lsyed out in laymen’s terms just what they stand for? That way the public can read it all for themselves.. Especially women of voting age need to know these platforms.

    • There are a number of places you can go to find this out. There are the candidate’s own websites, of course, but those are of limited value because what they SAY they support is often NOT what they really support.

      Project VoteSmart is good site because it includes the actual voting records of candidates, where voting records are available, as well as their ratings according to various policy groups.

      For a clear and concise picture of what the candidates support, I like the presidential scorecard at Conservative Review: This is based on voting and policy records where available, and on the public statements of the candidates.

      Remember to NEVER take a politician at their word. Look at their RECORD for what you can expect if the people elect them to the position they’re seeking.