Support for Hillary Clinton Ends Our Friendship & Business Dealings - PERIOD

Phil Jensen


Hillary_Clinton_3In the past, I accepted the fact that not everyone is going to agree with me on everything, including political matters and opinions on politicians in the running for any given office.  I often respected legit opinions contrary to my own.  That respect and acceptance stops when it comes to support of Hillary Clinton and politicians such as she.  You support her, and those such as she — you have ended our supposed friendship or any further business transactions that might have occurred between us.

I wonder if you have a clue why.

If Hillary Clinton (and those such as she) merely had a different idea of how to make this world perfect (or just better) and were striving to encourage others to do it their way — that would be one thing.  To “lie” and manipulate is quite a different matter.

Rick Kriebel 2016


We know that Hillary Clinton lies.

You support her lying?

If you support her lying — how can I trust you?

Woodrow Wilcox


Are you lying to me?

Are you lying about me?

If you will excuse her lying — what lying won’t you excuse?

The day you proudly support Hillary Clinton and excuse her obvious “lying” is the day you have lost my trust and friendship.

It says it all about you — not just she!

Our friendship & business dealings end!



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  • Thisoldspouse

    I agree with you, Carrie. We can maintain the necessary superficial relationships necessary to get through life, but as far as extending our friendships and/or business relationships, that is where we should draw the line with those who align themselves with societal barbarism.

    • Carrie_K_Hutchens

      Maybe if enough people drew that line, we could get turned back around and headed down the good path where sanity and morals not only exist — they thrive!

      • Thisoldspouse

        You know it would have an effect - definitely. But Christians and conservatives seem to be too lazy to engage the culture. I even have friends, family and associates who still throw their money at Starbucks, one of the archenemies.

  • franklinb23

    This position seems a bit extreme.

    The problem is that people who do support Hillary most likely don’t believe she’s lying (just like supporters of Bush didn’t believe his administration was dishonest about details surrounding the Iraq invasion).

    After all, who wants to be lied to?

    If you can easily sever ties with someone because of the political candidates they support, that doesn’t really say much for that “friendship”, does it?

    In terms of companies … good luck with that. Take a look at the investments and positions of most of the Fortune 500 companies. In most cases, they’ll have done something to offend just about everybody. The only way to avoid it completely is to reject modernity and make one’s life within an Amish village.

    • Carrie_K_Hutchens

      Hillary has been “CAUGHT” lying! It’s on video. If they ignore evidence and continue to defend and support her in spite of the lies — it doesn’t say much about the person, does it?

      (I don’t know why Bush is used so often as a supposed counter when a finger is pointed at something negative a liberal has done, but it was old years ago. What he did and didn’t do, is irrelevant to my issues with Hillary Clinton.)

      Please take note of something else I said.

      “That respect and acceptance stops when it comes to support of Hillary Clinton and politicians such as she.”

      There was no liberal or Democrat title attached there. My statement includes “ALL” politicians, who behave such as she.

      I do not knowingly associate with people, who believe lying is acceptable.

      I do not knowingly associate with people, who blindly defend a liar.

      I may not be able to keep up with what all the major corporations have done, or are doing. I’ll give you that. However, many major corporations do have competition in the field and maybe they are interested in having people like me as their customer or client. There’s Mom & Pop stores and businesses! The Amish sell products! The Mennonites have stores and provide services! In short, there are options to consider!

      In closing…

      If I can’t trust what comes out of a mechanic’s mouth, how can I believe he is telling me the truth about what is wrong with my car or that the bill is fair? Why would I willingly put him in charge of something so important as my car that, if not fixed properly, could cause a wreck that harms or kills?

      I wouldn’t!

      The difference between my car and the political matter is…

      I can pick my mechanic and avoid those that I know aren’t trustworthy. I don’t have the same luxury with politicians in office or elected to same. I do have the right to be offended by the low-information voters and ones that “blindly” (or “knowingly”) follow people proven to be untrustworthy. I not only have a right — I am offended! I’m tired of being taken along on the destructive ride!

      Once again, I don’t knowingly associate with “ANYONE” who believes lying is acceptable!

      • franklinb23

        I understand what you’re saying. For me it would depend on the nature and reason for the lie. Someone who lies with the intent of protecting their families or even national security and does so knowing it may cause themselves some harm is not the same as someone who lies to protect their own wealth or personal interest.

        I’m not saying what camp Hillary falls into, only that not all lies are the same.

        Consider the story of Rahab in Scripture whose dishonesty was in the service of protecting someone and was for that reason considered “just”.

        • Carrie_K_Hutchens

          I think we are back to where we started?

          “…is not the same as someone who lies to protect their own wealth or personal interest.”

      • DCM7

        When it comes right down to it, is the issue with Hillary actually that she lied about a particular thing? Or it is really just about what kind of person she’s generally shown herself to be and what kinds of positions she’s generally taken?