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Devo“The dumbing down of culture has been exacerbated exponentially. It’s the way people think – or don’t think. Less and less people can form an analytical critical thought: they don’t know how to process information, and just live in the world of soundbites and mindless regurgitation of slogans.” – Jerry Cassale, co-founder of the 80’s band Devo

It’s evolution baby! Or so they say…

But what of this counter-reality they call de-evolution? It’s simply evolution in reverse.

Ted Cruz 2016


Are we progressing toward utopia or merely slouching toward Gomorrah? I’ll let you be the judge.

“Jerry was a grad student and I was a sophomore… . We collaborated on a couple visual art projects. We were protesting the war in Vietnam when they shot kids at our school and killed them. I was physically there at that particular protest… . Jerry and I started writing music together and we were talking about everything we saw in the world around us and we decided that we were seeing a de-evolution, not evolution [of humanity], and my print making teacher at Kent … gave me this religious pamphlet called “Jocko Homo.” It was some pro-creationism Christian minister from Rogers, Ohio … ranting about evolution in general. His point of view was different than mine, but he had a lot of great stuff he kept talking about… . We combined that with the movie “Island of Lost Souls” with Bela Lugosi … and came up with the song “Jocko Homo.” ~ Mark Mothersbaugh, Devo frontman and co-founder

In relation to demology and anthropology, I find the similarities and the contrasts in perspective between the believer and nonbeliever quite noteworthy. The latter usually shares the former’s low, long-term view of humanity. The best hope for the nonbeliever is that the periods of burnout may be cyclical, and that from the ashes of self-destruction a rebirthing may somehow arise. While the believer seeks a remedy for personal and communal restoration and redemption outside the natural realm. The self defeating nature of humanity is not a major source of dispute; rather, it is the possibility of deliverance from our eventual plight which defines our division.

Woodrow Wilcox


“The warring forces have been in play since the dawn of the species. It’s a long slow, almost predetermined decline, not an apocalypse. Like dark matter outnumbering light, dark forces will “schmoosh” out what is good.” – Devo’s Jerry Cassale

From the believer’s perspective, society could be preserved, at least on a national level, if God and His ordinances were once again rediscovered, reinstated, and reapplied through the hearts of men.  Unfortunately, for the jaded secularist, there is no end in sight and no tangible source of relief to grab onto.

Society’s demise is an inevitable probability. The free fall is expected to proceed interrupted short of some act of God. If you don’t believe me, just take another look at today’s GOP. That’s all the evidence we need. The future is bleak indeed…

Regardless, when self interests destroy national interests, the line has been crossed. In America, too many lines have been crossed for far too long. There was a time when self interests and national interests were more aligned (or at least the correlation between individual vitality and national vitality were respected). Now self interests are aligned with what Sigmund Freud called the ‘Id’ (the part of personality made up of unconscious energy that focuses on fulfilling urges). And today our id is king!

In the economy of Darwin lies a Hunger Games-style fight for supremacy and superiority. Marxism, in particular, ultimately produces equality in bondage, misery and tyranny. Whatever labels we choose, whether we propose progressive evolution or regressive de-evolution, without God in the mix, it’s ultimately all the same.

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