Poll: Dems Like McConnell More Than Republicans Do

McConnell_ObamaCareI’ve long pointed out that RINOs, either through their refusal to fight for documented Republican values or through their efforts in promoting Democrat values (or both), are great helpers to the Democrat Party and that party’s liberal agenda.

Now there is (still more) glaring proof.

From Conservative Review:

Ted Cruz 2016


You can tell a lot about someone by who their friends are, and who they’re not.

Interestingly enough for Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, he has more friends amongst Democrats. According to a new Public Policy Poll, just 14% of Republicans approve of the Kentucky Senator, compare that to 17% of Democrats who approve of the GOP Kentucky Senator. More Democrats approve of Mitch McConnell than Republicans. A whopping 64% of Republicans disapprove of him.

Though it may be somewhat shocking to see it in black and white poll results, this conclusion is really deep, deep in “DUH!” territory.

Woodrow Wilcox


What would you think of a guy in an American military uniform…who refused to go out and fight America’s enemies, who joined America’s enemies in badmouthing what is good about America, who maligned American soldiers who were doing their best to defend America, who interfered with the efforts of American soldiers to fight America’s enemies, who actually helped America’s enemies achieve their goals.

Could such a person really be considered an American soldier?  Or would they be considered a traitor?

What about a “Republican” who had an “R” after his name…but refused to fight Democrats and their liberal agenda items, who joined Democrats in bashing Republican principles which represent traditional American values, who echoed Democrats in maligning Republicans who are fighting for documented Republican goals, who interfered with Republicans who were trying to fight the corrosive Democrat agenda, who actually helped Democrats achieve their goals?

Could such a person really be considered a Republican?  Or would the be considered a RINO (Republican In Name Only) at best, and more accurately, a traitor?

Not hard to figure out, is it?

Nor is it hard to figure out what good people should do with a traitor in their midst (get rid of them), is it? Anyone who put up with a traitor in their midst could rightly be called a traitor themselves, couldn’t they?

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