RINO Cowardice May Cost GOP the Majority

Mitch_McConnell_2This article from Conservative Review really exposes the “sawing off the branch you’re sitting on” lunacy of the RINO establishment’s Hell-bent determination to betray Republican principles ostensibly in pursuit of protecting the Republican Party.

In a national election year when outsiders are gaining every advantage and voters are rejecting the status quo authority of the elites, it can come as no surprise that some 72 percent of the GOP electorate is dissatisfied with Boehner and McConnell both. No longer are McConnell’s antics simply a stain on conservative principles; now he is actively driving down voter confidence and imperiling the Republican Senate Majority.

Memo to GOP leadership: you can’t surrender your way to success. Surrendering before (you think) the enemy defeats you on the battlefield does not mean you avoided defeat. It means you willingly embraced defeat, and handed victory to your opponent on a silver platter, without even forcing your enemy to fight. It makes you a supremely pathetic loser. And people see that.

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How can sincerely pursuing the principles of your party (ostensibly the party you believe in) undermine your party’s credibility?  What kind of asinine illogic is that?  Broadcasting to the public that you don’t believe in pursuing the principles you claim to believe in projects a lack of credibility.

How can strongly supporting the principles that produced the greatest, most free, most prosperous nation in history undermine your party’s credibility?  What kind of idiot really thinks that?

I have often thought that people like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz must frequently feel like Abraham Lincoln who had to put up with a general, George McClellan, who refused to fight. To paraphrase Lincoln, Cruz must be thinking: “If Majority Leader Mitch McConnell isn’t going to use his majority power, I’d like to borrow it for a time.”

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That is, of course, assuming in the first place that Mitch McConnell even believes in Republican principles. I don’t know about you, but I find it very, very hard to believe that someone who fights so hard against the documented values and principles of his own party, who attacks and vilifies those of his own party who actually want to pursue documented Republican goals, actually does support those goals. I find it almost impossible to believe that someone could support something they seem so vehemently opposed to fighting for.

You may recall that back in 2006, the American people got fed up with Republicans acting like Democrats and refusing to uphold traditional American values, and Republicans lost control of congress.  They were also fed up with this from the Bush Administration, and the 2008 GOP presidential nominee, John McCain, only promised even worse betrayals, so the GOP lost the White House as well. Not content with previous betrayals and embraces of liberalism, the establishment tried in 2012 to shove RINO Romney down our throats…and the American people again wouldn’t have it. Especially for the office of the presidency, the American people are savvy enough to realize that we don’t need a wannabe-liberal candidate from the Republican Party when they have the dyed-in-the-wool genuine article in the Democrat candidate.

With all of the evidence before us, you can’t be as stupid as the RINO establishment seems to be, and that stupidity not be on purpose.

If the Republican Party really believes in the documented values of the Republican Party, and if the GOP establishment really wants to remain in power (regardless of whether they actually believe in Republican principles), then the solution is clear: behave like Republicans (whether you actually believe in Republican principles or not).  Otherwise the American people are going to send you packing…and this great nation is going to continue slipping further down the irrevocable road to ruin.

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  • DCM7

    “the ‘sawing off the branch you’re sitting on’ lunacy”

    I see I’ve influenced you… 😉

    • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

      It’s an analogy I’ve long been familiar with, but lately you’ve “popularized” it. :-)