How Should Israel Respond to Palestinian Depravity?

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the UN (Photo credit: Peter Fedynsky)

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the UN in 2012 (Photo credit: Peter Fedynsky)

On Sept. 30, 2015, Mahmoud Abbas, the so-called President of the non-existent “State of Palestine” slouched towards the podium at the United Nations General Assembly and delivered a spiteful, anti-peace tirade full of lies and deceits.

He stood there falsely representing a state that has never existed in all of recorded history either as an independent or a sovereign nation.

The gathered international delegates listened raptly because the putative leader of the Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” promised he would deliver a “bombshell.” Well it came, but it wasn’t much of a bombshell.

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According to Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinians no longer consider themselves bound by the 1993 Oslo Accords. Of course, in reality and in all practicality, the fraudulent Arabs calling themselves “Palestinians” have never abided by one letter of one word of that accord.

But what Abbas would never admit to is such an empirical truth. Instead, the miserable terrorist in a suit – and unrepentant Holocaust denier – predictably blamed Israel for the lack of peace with a raft of anti-Israel fantasies.

These fantasies include the risible charge of continuous building of “Jewish settlements” and imposing apartheid on what he and most of the immoral world relentlessly call the “West Bank” – in reality the very ancestral and biblical Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria.

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Of course the reality is the exact opposite. Since 2009, Israel has inflicted upon itself a never ending building freeze in order to tempt Abbas to return to peace talks. A vain attempt if ever there was one.

In addition, Israel disastrously expelled 10,000 Jewish souls from their homes and farms in Gaza in order to tempt Abbas to return to peace talks. More vain efforts and a desolating Jewish tragedy leading to the evil Hamas occupation of the Gaza Strip and a living Hell for the Jewish state.

And all the while, yet more declarations by Prime Minister Netanyahu of his desire for peace talks with the Palestinians without preconditions. The biggest vain effort of them all.

But what all this acceptance of years of flim-flam by Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erakat and all the other corrupt miscreants who comprise the PLO and Palestinian Authority crime family has created is unrelieved misery for Israelis.

It has imposed humiliation, degradation and violent death upon Jews throughout Israel and, in particular, in the very streets of the eternal Jewish capital: Jerusalem.

Jewish worshippers are terrorized at the hands of impudent Palestinian and Muslim Arab women as we see in the photo from the September 29, 2015 article by Ari Soffer in Israel National News.

The picture shows Muslim Arab women shrieking Allahu Akbar (Allah is Greater) at weeping Jewish children who are on their way to pray during Sukkot at the Western Wall.

It is heartbreaking and difficult to bear.

Jewish children cry as Muslims mob attacks in Jerusalem

But this is what attempting to negotiate peace with Abbas brings with it. So how can Israel deal with such endless Palestinian Arab violence and depravity?

Israel can effectively respond, but not in kind. A principled Israeli government should create Jewish and Zionist facts on the ground in direct response to Islamic and Arab hate.

In January, 2005, I wrote a chapter in the first volume of my trilogy, “Politicide: The Attempted Murder of the Jewish State.” It was titled, “The Ultimate answer to Arab terror.”

I had hoped that my suggestion in that chapter would have borne fruit, but it was not to be. Let me suggest, again, what I had suggested ten long years ago – a period in which hundreds more Jewish civilians have perished in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem from a relentless campaign of Islamic butchery by the Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians.”

A direct and pure Zionist response to each and every Palestinian Arab and Muslim terror atrocity against Israelis must require the building or rebuilding of Jewish villages throughout Judea, Samaria, all of Jerusalem and the Golan; with each new village named in eternal memory of the individual Jewish victim who fell at the hands of Arab hate and evil.

This rejects utterly the self-defeating and self-imposed “building freeze.” It ends the image of modern Israel as the “trembling Israelite” so beloved of generations of venomous anti-Semites.

Would that the Jewish villages in Gaza, so shamefully destroyed by the Sharon government, could also be rebuilt. But that remains a vain hope.

Years of futile expectation that matters will improve, even in the face of Arab knives, bullets, bombs, missiles, boycotts and venomous diplomatic warfare, have availed Israel naught.

The answer to aggression from the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians is to act in ways that make it so painful for them that they will come to realize that their violence and blood-lust becomes horribly counter-productive.

Military responses to Muslim Arab violence are effective, but only up to a point, for the Fatah and Hamas thugs welcome death as shahids while relishing the 72 re-cycled virgins allegedly awaiting them in paradise.

No, this is a far, far more devastating response that Israel must employ regardless of the howls of rage that will undoubtedly emanate from the baleful Obama administration and the ever hypocritical international corridors of power in Europe, or in the immoral cesspit known as the United Nations. It is a purely Zionistic response.

This should be in addition to the legal, moral and sacred imperative to restore Jewish sovereignty throughout all of the Land of Israel from the river to the sea; yes, even unto Gilead.

Create Jewish facts on the ground throughout the liberated and precious soil of Judea and Samaria in direct response to Islamic hate.

Let the likes of Mahmoud Abbas, Ismail Haniyeh, and the Fatah and Hamas goons see before their very own eyes how their encouragement of Muslim terror and glorification of the Muslim butchers who murder Israelis, systematically destroys their hopes for the creation of a fraudulent country called Palestine.

End this humiliation imposed upon the reconstituted Jewish state once and for all and let the Jew haters and Israel bashers refer their morally bankrupt protests to the sole instigators of violence and aggression: their beloved Arabs who fraudulently call themselves “Palestinians.”

How long will the Netanyahu government permit this horror and humiliation to continue? Will Israel’s government finally act persuasively against Palestinian Arab depravity?

Or will more years of the deplorable building freeze in the Jewish ancestral and biblical heartland continue while yet more precious lives are lost and Jewish worshipers in the Holy City of Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount are brutalized?

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