Obama Administration Enables ‘Boy Play’

Alfred Kinsey

Alfred Kinsey

God help us. Here’s what America’s newly homosexualized, “values neutral” military looks like.

Last week, in a strange fit of actual news reporting, the New York Times published an exposé revealing that, under this Obama administration, the Department of Defense is not only permitting the homosexual abuse of little boys at the hands of Muslim allies in Afghanistan, but is effectively facilitating it. A handful of U.S. servicemen have had enough and are courageously blowing the whistle on this unimaginably evil policy. Naturally, they’re being punished and drummed out of the service for doing so.

“Rampant sexual abuse of children has long been a problem in Afghanistan, particularly among armed commanders who dominate much of the rural landscape and can bully the population,” reports the Times. “The practice is called bacha bazi, literally ‘boy play,’ and American soldiers and Marines have been instructed not to intervene – in some cases, not even when their Afghan allies have abused boys on military bases, according to interviews and court records. …”

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“At night we can hear them screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it,” Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley Jr. told his father, Gregory Buckley Sr., who recounted his conversation with the Times. “My son said that his officers told him to look the other way because it’s their culture,” Buckley added.

Isn’t multiculturalism peachy?

I sat down with Dr. Judith Reisman, research law professor and director of the Liberty Center for Child Protection, to discuss this shocking development. “Unfortunately, this has been going on for years, with the knowledge of our American government,” she told me. “I just received an email from one of my German child-protection colleagues. She included several links to violent torture films and photos of hundreds of real children being brutalized by animals in horrific scenes. There is no way the FBI, CIA, Interpol and all other policing agencies do not know about this, which is readily accessible.

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“This is glamorization of ’50 Shades of Grey’ novels and films acted out on children, chained to beds, tortured, never to recover,” she added. “It’s a natural outgrowth of generations of Western ‘fee sex’ conditioning via the ‘sex science’ of violent bi/homosexual pedophile Alfred Kinsey in 1948 and his ‘pamphleteer’ Hugh Hefner, beginning in 1953. Kinsey’s claim he proved ‘children are sexual from birth’ has been supplemented by slow, devious conditioning of future generations through child pornography in Playboy. Can people be so brainwashed that they really believe we have always been so demonic?” she asks.

Indeed, Kinsey, though married to a woman who took part in his many filmed “scientific” orgies, was a promiscuous homosexual and sadomasochist. He managed to completely upend and twist the world’s perception of human sexuality in the 1950s and ’60s with his world famous “Kinsey Reports.”

Even today, most are completely unaware that during his tenure at Indiana University, Kinsey facilitated, with stopwatches and ledgers, the systematic sexual abuse of hundreds, if not thousands, of children and infants – all in the name of science.

Among other things, Kinsey asserted that children are “sexual from birth.” He further concluded, based upon experiments he directed and documented in his infamous Table 34, that adult-child sex is harmless, even beneficial, and described child “orgasm” as “culminating in extreme trembling, collapse, loss of color, and sometimes fainting. …” Many children suffered “excruciating pain,” he observed, “and [would] scream if movement [was] continued.” Some “[would] fight away from the [adult] partner and may make violent attempts to avoid climax, although they derive[d] definite pleasure from the situation.”

Yeah. Sounds like it.

Disturbing though this may be, what’s equally disturbing is that nearly all of today’s liberal “comprehensive sex education” curricula – such as that pushed by extremist groups like the National Education Association (NEA), Planned Parenthood and the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) – is derived entirely from the criminally fraudulent, pro-pedophile “research” of Alfred Kinsey.

What’s even more disturbing is that, in addition to the DOD, Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has likewise embraced the debunked Kinsey sex-education model and has long pushed curricula based upon it.

You may recall, for instance, that during his first term, the Obama administration provided on the HHS “Questions and Answers About Sex” website, a “Quick Guide to Healthy Living” section which, like Kinsey, outrageously claimed that “Children are human beings and therefore sexual beings … which is healthy and normal.”

And what do “sexual beings” do? Well, they have sex, of course. “It’s hard for parents to acknowledge this,” admitted the page.

You think?

So we shouldn’t be surprised in the least that, since Obama repealed the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy a few years back, not only have we seen a massive spike in male-on-male homosexual assaults in the armed services, we now discover that this administration is looking the other way as similar homosexual assaults are being perpetrated against children.

After all, “Children are sexual from birth,” right? They’re “born that way.”

And so are the men who rape them.

Don’t be a pedophobe, you bigot.

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  • franklinb23

    To say that this administration “enables” pedophilia is a slander.

    It’s not quite that simple.

    The problem is that since the US invaded Afghanistan, this problem has been ignored by the military under both the Bush and Obama administrations. Apparently, one of the few things the Taliban had going for it was that these sorts of crimes were actually prosecuted under them. So sure, the Taliban were not pederasts, but they were harboring and assisting terrorists.

    Pick your poison. We enlisted the aid of a bunch of thugs who weren’t a direct threat to the US to fight a bunch of thugs who were.

    Afghanistan is one of the most backwards places on Earth. If you’re looking for enlightened allies there, good luck. There are few to be had.

    • Thisoldspouse

      Can you address the overall point made in the article instead of cherrypicking one supporting example?

      • franklinb23

        If I could discern what the point was, yeah.

        My personal opinion is that our military has a responsibility to intervene when children are being raped. Understand that this may very well cost us in our fight against a different kind of enemy.

        What did you have to say about the Bush’s friendly relationship with the Saudis? They were supportive because of their control of oil which we depend on. Never mind that they are an Islamic theocracy that mistreats women and Christian converts. They’re about to execute a young male this week by beheading him. They they will then crucify his corpse and hang it out for public display. Why our politicians even talking to these monsters? Money and oil, that’s why.

        There’s lots of condemnation to go around.

        • Thisoldspouse

          I guess my response should be a question: Could you name any other administration where service members have been punished for pointing out this travesty?

          There is your answer as to the difference between this administration and any other.

        • AJ Castellitto

          You better stop defending and hold your party accountable…. I’m sick of you dems, where is your freaking soul. We hold our party in check …. Open your freaking eyes

          • franklinb23

            “I’m sick of you dems”

            I’m not a loyal Democrat. I’d vote for Rubio or even Trump over Hillary.

            My point is simply this: politics is an ugly and messy business where there are sometimes no easy answers.

            Do you deny that the Bush administration was cozy with the Saudis who are hostile to Christian converts and women? Conversion to Christianity is considered “apostasy” and punishable by death. Did you ever hear a word of criticism from the Bush administration about this? If not, did you call them out on this?

            Yet, I understand their reluctance to say anything. The Saudis provide much of our oil and have a multitude of investments here (somewhere between $400-800 billion). Do you want to be responsible for the economic hardship of Americans if the Saudis decide to pull their investments and start toying with the production of crude?

            If I thought that this administration was silent about child rape for their own benefit, that would be one thing. I’m not quite that cynical, though. I think they’re in a bind where their options are between two varying degrees of bad.

            • AJ

              I agree with you about the Saudis….. The globalists embrace and reward evil hoping some type of greater good will win out, when in truth it breeds greater evil & atrocity….. The hearts of men

            • AJ Castellitto

              Here’s something for u to be outraged over - this admin are evil enablers http://barbwire.com/2015/09/30/sergeant-1st-class-charles-martland-booted-for-saving-afghan-boy-from-rape/

              • franklinb23

                He shouldn’t have been discharged. I would have just reassigned him to a different post, maybe in Europe. Our thug allies in the Middle East would be satisfied and he’d have a less stressful job.

        • AJ Castellitto


          This is your party - they are sick, godless & perverse socialists….. And we are tired of them, the GOP establishment and all the mindless drones who follow em

  • DCM7

    It speaks volumes about the culture of the “left” that Kinsey is spoken of there as if he were reputable, respectable, or contributed anything of value.

    • Thisoldspouse

      Kinsey was the “John the Baptist” of their religion of Sexual Humanism.