Whoopi Goldberg Says Bible Silent on Abortion

Whoopie_Goldberg_abortionNoted Bible scholar and former Hollywood Square (that’s not a typo) Whoopi Goldberg demonstrated yet again why no one watches The View. On Tuesday, eminent theologian Big Whoop told View watchers – both of them – that the Bible doesn’t condemn abortion.

Goldberg’s comments came on a September 22 View segment in which hosts ranted about Catholicism, the Pope and his visit to America. Offering her thoughts on faith, eminent theologian Goldberg complained about Pope Francis discussing abortion. She said:

“Well, there’s nothing in the Book that says anything about abortion. Let’s make sure of that. The Ten Commandments are the Ten Commandments. There’s only ten.”

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Here’s the link to the video.

Apparently Sister Mary Clarence’s hermeneutic goes something like: “Hey, if it’s not expressly forbidden or condemned in Exodus 20, then it’s fine. Roger-Dodger. Over and out.”

Guess she missed Job 31:15: “Did not he that made me in the womb make him? and did not one fashion us in the womb?” and Jeremiah 1:5: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” Then there’s Psalm 139. And most of the Old and New Testaments. There’s also that quaint little notion called the Imago Dei. But who’s counting?

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Yo, Whoop! The Bible still consists of two testaments and 66 books. You can find it in most any bookstore or on-line. Some folks actually read it. You may want to try that.

A partial transcript of the September 22 View segment appears below:


[Discussing Pope Francis.]

JOY BEHAR: “What is the objection to him?

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: The objection to him, if I may, is that people feel, or some of the staunch Catholics feel that  he’s too loose. They want to keep it — if you’re a divorced person you can’t get any sacraments. If you’re gay, God hates you. They want to keep that going and I think his feeling is, like, “You’re missing the point. We are a religion that is supposed to be about forgiveness and understanding. If we’re always pointing the finger and say you don’t matter and you don’t matter, you don’t matter, pretty soon won’t nobody matter.

BEHAR: So, when they insinuate religion —

PAULA FARIS: But I still think— I think the overarching word and one word to describe this Pope is compassionate. He still stands about his convictions. He still says the Bible is the same yesterday, today and forever. It does not change and most Christians believe that. The culture can change, our belief system can change. But the one thing that doesn’t change is the word of God. But the way you approach it with Christianity is compassion. And they’ll know you’re Christians by your love for one another.

BEHAR: No matter how compassionate he is, he still follows the rules of the church, anti-choice, anti-birth control, anti-divorce. Women can’t be in the priesthood.

FARIS: Joy, I want to come back. You said he’s still pro-life and you listed a couple of other things. But don’t you think what makes him so unique? He’s still standing by his values because he doesn’t think those change. They don’t change with the wind like the culture does. He’s doing it with compassion.

GOLDBERG: Well, there’s nothing in the Book that says anything about abortion. Let’s make sure of that. The Ten Commandments are the Ten Commandments. There’s only ten. Only ten.”

Remember. This is the same brain surgeon who recently opined that Christians can’t work for the federal government.

And just to be clear: there’s also “nothing in the Book” about mainlining heroin, swallowing arsenic or wasting time watching brainless circus shows on ABC. But I wouldn’t recommend it.

H/T: Life News

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  • Thisoldspouse

    Shaking my head in disbelief. How can someone be this bucket-o-rocks stupid?

  • DCM7

    It’s always amusing when people try to act like they’re knowledgeable about something, even as they demonstrate that their understanding of it is about a quarter-inch deep.

    And how can anyone use a term like “anti-choice” while being even remotely aware of what abortion is and does?

    Oh, and nice, big, hairy straw-man here: “If you’re gay, God hates you.”

    • JLA

      I’m pro-choce.

      -Not to have sex…it isn’t needed to live
      -To use condoms
      -To use birth control
      -To wait to have sex until ready to parent a child

      Combining condoms with the pill makes the risk of pregnancy almost non-existent.

      • franklinb23

        That’s silly. The next thing you know, you’ll insist that wearing a seat belt protects you against dying in an automobile accident!


      • Thisoldspouse

        Do children get to make these choices?

        • JLA

          Not sure you read my post…or I don’t understand at least.

          • Thisoldspouse

            I guess I misread your post about being “pro-choice.” Such a euphemism is almost always cover for deceit. I would only disagree with you that having sex is aways a choice when it clearly isn’t. I brought that up with my question about children. The left would, when they’re honest (rarely), insist that children are “sexual beings” and therefore have “sexual rights,” meaning that the left is in favor of pedophilia.

            Regardless of age, sex should be only confined to marriage - true marriage - between a man and a woman. Anything else is not only sub-optimal, but evil.

          • Thisoldspouse

            Incidentally, I would be more apt to characterize the issue as “pro-design,” not “pro-choice.” Men and women are designed for each other, in a monogamous relationship for life. Those who insist that we are sexually promiscuous by nature ignore the empirical horrific costs of such behavior: sexually transmitted diseases, many of which are deadly or severely debilitating; children severed from their biological parents; domestic instability; and many more societal ills than can be counted.

            The very modern, novel term “safe sex” had to be invented because sexual mores devolved to the point where such a “remedy” was needed. There is NO “safe sex” necessary when sex is confined to its proper boundary.

            • DCM7

              “There is NO ‘safe sex’ necessary when sex is confined to its proper boundary.”

              That reminds me of an old editorial cartoon…

              (Young man:) Gramps, you didn’t have all these STDs back in your day. What did you wear for safe sex?

              (Old man:) A wedding ring.