Democrats Blame Conservatives for Boehner Resignation

Boehner_redOn Friday, embattled Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) announced that he plans to resign from Congress and give up the Speaker’s gavel in October.  His resignation sent shock waves through the GOP caucus and elsewhere. But the news had some folks breaking out their “happy dance.”

Those who aren’t partying at the prospect of a real conservative taking the House reins post-Boehner include – tada!- Democrats.

The DNC trotted out a Drat-Those-Dastardly-Conservatives blame game for Boehner’s resignation in a Friday email. It’s entitled Under Right-Wing Pressure, Boehner Resigns. Apparently the prospect of yanking federal dollars from Planned Death-hood sent the blue side of the aisle into a tizzy.

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It’s followed by this charmer:

“House Republicans are officially too extreme for even John Boehner.”

Oh, happy day! Wouldn’t it be great to see a little more of this “pressure” from that “growing base of conservatives”?

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Imagine, wanting to replace Mr. Spineless with Real Leadership that’s willing to stand up to the Lefty Fruit Loop crowd for a change. What’ll those dastardly conservatives think of next? Why, they might even be poised to take back the White House from The Man Who Would Be King. Next thing ya know, they’ll insist on more “extremism.” Like constitutional fidelity. Respect for unborn life and the rule of law. A foreign policy that doesn’t resemble Jell-o. A southern border that doesn’t leak like a sieve. Maybe the “growing conservative base” will even press for prosecution of Ms. What Difference Does It Make?

The DNC follows that “too extreme” bit with the usual plea for bucks. And this:

“If you want to kick them out of Congress, add your name to say you’ll help elect Democrats.”

You gotta hand it to Democrats. When it comes to fund-raising pitches, they don’t miss a beat. Anything that really matters – like defending what’s left of a constitutional republic instead of morphing into a European-style socialist state (hi, Greece) – not so much.

Go figure.

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  • Thisoldspouse

    Fine, I’ll gladly take the blame. Boehner is a traitorous back stabber. Good riddance!!!!