WW2 British Fighter Pilot Will Speak on September 12

On Saturday, September 12, John F. Wilkinson of Spearfish will talk about his WWII experiences as a Spitfire pilot in the Royal Air Force.  He flew Hurricanes too.  His daughter was later born in Montana.  Sponsored by the Black Hills Veterans Writing Group, the event will take place at EAFB’s South Dakota Air and Space Museum, 9:00-1130 am (first half hour is social period).

A YouTube video clip, ”John on the Hunt,” shows Wilkinson flying a Spitfire in a dogfight over Germany in April 1945. The video was taken from the wing mounted camera that is only active while firing.  At 17 he lived through the bombing of London during the Battle of Britain.  In 1949, he boarded a freighter bound for America.

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