Bobby Jindal Nails it on Immigration

I couldn’t agree with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal more. He’s absolutely right. We need to move away from being hyphenated-Americans, and immigration without assimilation is actually invasion.

The good part in this interview comes about 4:30 into the video. When the interviewer implies that meal ole’ conservatives just love to bash immigrants (no, we bash illegal immigrants, and even more so, their American apologists who should know better), Jindal says his parents are continually thankful (as we all should be) to live in the greatest nation on earth. He says immigrants need to come here and (like they did in generations past) learn our language and adopt our values.  After all, they left their old country for a reason, and odds are it was because the counterproductive values (i.e. socialism, despotism, corruption, elitism, etc.) made living in their old country unpleasant.  Time to adopt the values America was founded on; after all, those values took a group of 13 backwater colonies to become the greatest nation on earth in 100 years or less.

And all this “diversity” crap from the Left?  Throw it overboard. I’m not an Irish-American. My ancestry is Irish, but I’ve never set foot in Ireland, and neither have my parents or my parent’s parents.  I’m an American. Why would I add a qualifier to the greatest citizenship in the world?  If you’re an America, you’re on the American team (or should be), and should be playing by the American’s team play book (which is recognition that our rights come from our Creator and no one else, limited government, freedom and the free market, respect for our Constitution, and strong family values).

Ted Cruz 2016


Jindal got into the 2016 presidential race too late, I believe, to get much traction. Unlike Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and most of the other GOP presidential candidates, Jindal is a great conservative. If Ted Cruz wasn’t in the race and hadn’t been the first to declare his candidacy, I would have a tough time deciding between Bobby Jindal and Ted Cruz (since I threw in early on with Cruz, and he has not disappointed, I’m sticking with him). But Jindal is still young, and a President Jindal after 8 years of President Cruz would be great. If America had 16 years of leadership by genuine conservatives who cherish American values and principles like these two men do, it might just be the boot in the butt of the Republican Party we need to have a real force for returning America to the traditional principles that made us the greatest nation on earth.

Isn’t it funny how many immigrants (who assimilate) and their children like Bobby Jindal and Ted Cruz “get it” far better than people from generations-old American families like socialists Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders?

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  • retiredday

    I like Bobby Jindal too. Hopefully the next debate will give him the opportunity to make his case to voters. It would rally be shockingly nice if that debate creates a platform for actual ideas to be discussed, instead of mindless impressions, persuasions and marketing ploys.

  • DCM7

    “immigration without assimilation is invasion”
    Bingo. Best such phrase since “taxation without representation is tyranny.”

  • franklinb23

    I’d like for a politician to come up with a serious plan to limit immigration of radical Islamic sympathizers. That’s a far greater issue than immigrants who are not legal but are nevertheless working and contributing and who generally want to become part of American culture.

    • Bob Ellis

      It wouldn’t be hard to do, either. Again, it’s a lack of will rather than a lack of a way.