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“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” ~ Aleister Crowley

The culture war is not so much ideological as it is spiritual. Our churches, social institutions, political systems and all of civilization is under a satanic assault and poor souls like Justin Bieber have become seduced and unwitting recruitment tools.

The physical and supernatural casualties are expanding as a growing majority are blindly led into carnal and spiritual bondage. This world is a battlefield and the hearts and minds of men are on the line.

Ted Cruz 2016


We must wake up to the fact that the war is real. The lukewarm will be devoured along with the evildoers. Only the blood of Jesus can deliver us from the evils that so abundantly abound.

Equip yourself with sound doctrine and biblical truth. There is much deceptive reporting even in Christian circles. I have two ‘go to’ videos that I’ve watched more than a dozen times that keep me spiritually comforted and biblically grounded and reassured. Both offerings were produced by the Apologetics Group – The Real Jesus and Amazing Grace – and come highly recommended. (Kudos to Eric Holmberg!)

Arm thyselves with the loving truth that can only be found in the revealed word of God. Only those sealed by the promise of faith can stand against the lies, seductions and deceptions that abound and grow exponentially with each passing day. Redeem the time for the day of evil is at hand…

Woodrow Wilcox


Know your loyalties and let them be known. Let Jesus be your own!

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  • franklinb23

    “Arm thyselves with the loving truth that can only be found in the revealed word of God”

    I asked in another thread whether the Bible was unambiguous and clear. The general sentiment was that it is.

    Question: if it is and Scripture is a simple instruction manual that anyone could follow, why do we have seminaries and pastors? Why bother with theology at all? Theology is simply a way of “explaining” the truths of Scripture, isn’t it? And there are countless theological books and sermons out there: John Calvin, Spurgeon, MacArthur, Barth, Sproul, Aquinas, etc. etc. All of them have various outlooks and perspective on the Bible, some of them in agreement, many of them not.

    Look up the debate between Wesley and Whitefield. Both were revivalist leaders of their day who differed greatly on certain theological issues, often to the point of labeling the other as heretics and questioning their salvation.

    • AJ Castellitto

      All the heavy hitters are Augustinian….. The further we get from the Reformation theologically the further we go astray…..

      Edwards, Whitefield, Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon, Knox, Bunyan, Zwingli, Sproul, even Karl Barth & Phil Cary etc…… Grace is radical & free…..Wesley is OK but opened the door to heresy

    • Bob Ellis

      Can you travel over or swim on the surface of the ocean? Of course you can.

      So why do we need submarines and other deep-sea equipment? Because the ocean is DEEP, too.

      The most important truths are right there on the surface of the Bible, accessible to virtually everyone.

      But the Bible is DEEP, and there are lot of other truths (that are not essential to finding peace with our Creator and living a life that is pleasing to him) that are not spelled out in neon lights that must be dug for and sought out.

      • AJ Castellitto

        To clarify - a problem with the methodists is female preachers - not biblical….. I told my wife that after talking to a few women about politics that women don’t have the proper level of interest to be allowed to vote…..She was pissed, lol….. I have a friend who is a female preacher, she’s a great witness but I don’t believe the Bible authorizes female preachers….. So Wesley, or at least his followers left a door open for heresy….. There are high and hyper Calvinists that rob Christianity of the gospel but the balanced orthodox Presbyterian are very sound ….. There are many sound Lutheran, Baptists, etc….. You don’t have to dwell on the hard doctrines and the hidden things of God in fact there is a danger in doing so…. I love how you put it Bob!

  • AJ Castellitto

    At the end of the day I just wonder and marvel at all of God’s blessings and want others to share in His Goodness…. Theology and doctrine is important but we shouldn’t choke on strong meat either….. God’s Grace is for everyone regardless of their level of knowledge and understanding…. We just need to need Him….truly need Him…..everything else will pass away