Endless Candidates – Wooing Us to the Post Obama Wasteland?

GOP_debateWe look to name recognition within the media for some sense of authoritative assessment of the candidates. Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck, Kelly. The divisiveness the nation is experiencing under Obama has leeched into the conservative scene, and, they too, are showing signs of errors caused by battle fatigue and confusion.

We read articles that try to show unbiased treatment of front runners like Donald Trump or Jeb Bush and then we see the websites that post those kinds of articles smattered with paid ads for that candidate. Unbiased and unafraid give way to the more honest – fully biased and well paid.

Money always creates bias; it’s as old as man, and as new as Donald Trump giving the Clintons cash to make sure they show up at the marriage bash.

Ted Cruz 2016


The answer is always close to the source, but we hear the fireworks and examine the tinsel and flash. We cry eureka when we see the pyrite flashing in the pan, but the old forty-niner cannot be confused. Once real gold is found, nothing else can confuse – the real thing is easy to identify. Gold has unmistakable qualities.

The Formula for Success is at the Source – It is the only bias that is legitimate

It is not the promises that count; it is a two pronged litmus test that cannot fail.

Woodrow Wilcox


First, it is the record of the candidate. What have they done and what have they fought for up to now?

Second, is the candidate constitutionally sound? To re-make America apart from her foundations is the equivalent of dismantling America – witness Barack Obama.

Making brash promises is a part of the political scene as much as “a chicken in every pot” and “A change we can believe in.” After we find beans in the pot with no meat and a change that makes us want to leave the country, we still don’t wise up. We wait for the next election period and jump onboard with the next rising star who promises us the world on a silver platter.

Donald Trump being the latest conservative unabashed promise maker has topped all extravagant promise makers of the recent past, but not everyone is buying it.

Media consultant Rick Wilson said “This is a guy who is increasingly leading a fraction of the conservative base into a very dangerous cul-de-sac,” and “He is promising things he can never deliver”

In all the noise and hype Mr. Trump is producing, his credulity is already strained because America has forgotten two simple, but blaring truths.

Two simple things appear in our memories when we consider the former days, when America was –“great.”

In our best days, we did not call women pigs and slobs, under any conditions.

In our best days, it was considered an act of greatness and the way of real gentlemen to make apologies where apologies were due.

While we would like to see America become great again – we have not ruled out the expectation that our presidents will be gentlemen.

It is what we don’t see, hear or believe that will return to sting

My bias is impossible to miss and I will make no apologies for putting it forth loudly and often.

Without a moral foundation based on faith in God and the Bible I believe America will unceremoniously crash and burn with our enemies standing nearby and cheering. No amount of today’s tolerance and diversity hype will lift us out of our final condition.

If our candidates will not state their faith then all promises are pure hyperbole. If we do not hear the voices of those who say we have sunk too low by allowing “gay marriage” more abortions and a race toward everything immoral and prurient, we will fall regardless our economics or how many immigrants we decide to let into, or keep out of the country.

Finally, it is what we believe that matters most. We may believe that America can be ‘great’ again, but until we acknowledge that God is great and our greatness comes from him alone – we will continue on a downward spiral.

God never separates our economy and our morality – they are inextricably linked forever. We are at our all-time low in morality, what is concomitant is an economic crash – you can count on it!

The prophetic does not postulate – When the moneys gone who will we hate?

According to the Bible every nation tongue and tribe will eventually follow the world’s last dictator into last days seven yearlong spiral into total reprobation and final destruction. The question of how America fits into this inclusion has only one of two answers.

Some prophecy people think we will be invaded because we resist the antichrist’s expansion. Others believe we will be in the throes of economic collapse when the antichrist extends an offer of help that we cannot refuse.

While either of these is possible, one thing is certain, America is headed for an economic Grand Canyon of poverty and scarcity that will surpass anything we have ever seen.

While I would not dare to refuse saying what I have clearly been told to say, I also can imagine how much hatred will be leveled at whoever leads the administration that presides during our economic crash.

I also can see that hatred intensified if the one leading the nation during those times is a bragging billionaire entrepreneur who flew into power on the wings of great promises of economic recovery and boom times for the nation.

We can only hope for a statesman of unusual quality and powers of endurance to lead us across the coming canyon – or we could get informed and vote them into the White House; instead of depending on hope alone.

Don’t believe, won’t believe or just don’t care. A true messenger does not want vindication from the people, and God doesn’t need any – suffice it to say – what you don’t see or believe cannot alter the outcome.

But if it’s promises you want to hear, here’s one.

America is headed for trouble – electing a troublemaker will only hasten the coming of our worst days.

“For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not.” (Job 33: 14)

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  • franklinb23

    Wonder what deaf people made out was said at the last Republican debate?
    No need to wonder!


    • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

      Saw that a couple of days ago. Fantastic! (The ones from Hunger Games really crack me up).