Anchor Babies Highlight Trump Appeal

anchorFor all his faults (and they are many) this is why so many regular Americans like Donald Trump (and why so many pansy-*** politically correct establishment types loathe him): he just doesn’t play the pussy-footing BS word games our effete culture is drowning in today.

Some of the Leftists who pass for “journalists” in this country are giving Donald Trump a hard time for calling anchor babies “anchor babies.”

From the Daily Caller:

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The comments came during a press conference prior to a town hall event in Derry, New Hampshire. A reporter asked Trump whether his claim to have a “big heart” was consistent with using “anchor baby” to describe children of illegal immigrants.

“You said that you have a big heart, and that you’re not mean-spirited. Are you aware that the term ‘anchor baby,’ that’s an offensive term? People find that hurtful,” the reporter said.

“You mean it’s not politically correct, and yet everybody uses it?” Trump replied. “You know what? Give me a different term.”

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The reporter proposed “the American-born childs [sic] of undocumented immigrants.”

Trump had none of it.

“You want me to use that? Okay. I’ll use the word ‘anchor baby.’”

And as proof that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, the article points out that even pro-illegal immigration Jeb Bush pranced around using the term “anchor baby.”

Very few people today can simply call a spade a spade (and yes, I’d lump most mealy-mouthed excuses for Christians in there).  Abortion (or more accurately, murdering an unborn child) is “choice.”  Sodomy is “sexual orientation.”  Sodomy with the same person on a regular basis is “same sex marriage.” Counterfeiting marriage is “equality.” Government theft from hard-working productive Americans which is given to people who haven’t earned it and in many cases don’t really need it is “compassion.” Telling the truth about a lawbreaking member of a protected ethnic minority is “racism.” Surrender to evil is “compromise.” Simply telling the cold, hard truth about real life is “hate,” so we engage in endless word-games to excuse fecklessness and wrong. We’re terrified that evildoers will feel bad or get mad.

Illegal aliens shouldn’t be offended by the use of the term “anchor baby.” They should be shamed by the term, and by the fact that they, a grown person, is using their child as a human shield to escape the consequences of their lawlessness. They should be motivated to do the right thing and get out of our country until such time as they are willing to enter it legally.

And if if they refuse to abide by our nation’s laws, let them be offended. Why should good people be concerned with what lawbreakers think of them?

Gutless “Republicans” like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and so many more…they lack the moral courage to speak plainly on so many issues that are poisoning America today. They’re too busy pandering to the lowest common denominator (i.e. the rot that is eroding our great country) to simply speak the truth, much less take a firm stand for the truth and display some leadership.

The American people already have as a political choice a party that is eager to pander to the lowest common denominator; it’s called the Democrat Party. They do it so well, there is virtually no chance the Republican Party can exceed them in their appeal to depravity and lawlessness.   When “Republicans” engage in this “me too” pandering to turpitude, the American people are left with no leaders to uphold the moral standard that every society needs to remain healthy and vibrant.

Illegal immigration (an invasion is what it really is) is one of the most clear-cut, right-and-wrong issues of our day. How can any rational person with any real moral foundation claim that people violating our sovereign national borders and violating our nation’s immigration laws are NOT illegal aliens (“undocumented immigrants” my posterior)?  Why should a lawbreaker NOT be called a lawbreaker?  Why should an invader be allowed to stay in the nation he invaded?  Why should an invader be rewarded with college tuition breaks, driver’s licenses, and taxpayer-funded handouts?  Our borders should be locked down and every person here illegally should be rounded up and sent home–and their home country billed for the expense.

And illegal aliens (as well as their “useful idiot” friends) are using their children born on American soil as an excuse to ignore our laws and our sovereign border, and stay in this country even after they showed contempt for the rule of law. Those children are (rightly) known as “anchor babies” because they anchor lawbreaking invaders to American soil, when they should be kicked out and not allowed to return.

Oh, but you can’t separate families, and you can’t deport people who are considered American citizens because they were born on American soil!  Idiot!  The parents broke the law!  If a man and a pregnant woman broke into your house while you were on vacation and she gave birth to the baby while they were trespassing in your home, would you say the same thing when you got back from vacation?  Oh, we can’t kick the trespassers out; they just wanted a place to stay, and besides, their baby was born here. Moron!  There’s no way any rational person would adopt such a position if there home was invaded; why would anyone fall for that crap when it is our country that is being invaded and our laws broken?

Send the entire family back to their home country, and you can allow the children who were born here and are recognized as American citizens because of that to come back to the United States once they become legal adults, if they so choose. Children belong in the custody of their parents (if they aren’t incarcerated), and the parents of anchor babies are law-breaking invaders who should be sent home. It’s the lawbreaking parents’ fault, no one else’s.

America, grow a brain!  Politicians, grow a spine!  Voters, demand a brain and a spine of your leaders, and accept nothing less!

Donald Trump is a sorry excuse for a Republican…but the leadership of the Republican Party is so utterly pathetic right now, average Americans are mistaking Donald Trump for the kind of principled leader the GOP used to be known for.

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