In Honor of the Sly Spinmeister…

John_StewartJon Stewart, who secretly and repeatedly visited the White House/Obama for direction on his talking points 

Here’s a few words of acknowledgement and unappreciation…

This Court Jester Is One Royal Fool

Ted Cruz 2016



“In Renaissance times, aristocratic households in Britain employed licensed fools or jesters….Regarded as pets or mascots, they served not simply to amuse but to criticise their master or mistress and their guests.”

Desiderius Erasmus was a 16th Century humanist, theologian and social critic, whose witty and whimsical critiques of the Holy See and her ungodly abuses endeared him to the religious hierarchy he subtly exposed. Satire was Erasmus’ weapon of choice, but this Dutch Renaissance scholar deemed his own endearment to these suppressive powers preferable to a fight for Godly reform. A call for deliverance from the seducers and manipulators of whom he found great favor was not the type of noble discomfort a man of such pliable convictions could even entertain. The elites thought well of him and his righteous insights and motivations would ultimately give way to self-love and self-preservation.

Woodrow Wilcox


If only Jon Stewart was half the man Erasmus was. At least Erasmus’ light-hearted critiques were grounded in sound reporting. Stewart is nothing but a paid shill and peddler of liberal propaganda.

Take Stewart’s Ferguson tirade. Cherry-picked half-truths favoring edited manipulation and deceptive narration. Stewart merely presents the scenario as ‘white cop shoots unarmed black kid.’ If one were merely seeking to stir up carefully calculated divisiveness/outrage and incite further violence then, sure, that would be the angle to work.

All I know is that if I attacked an officer, and went after his gun, there is a good chance that such actions would elicit a very harsh response. Police brutality surely does exist and it’s an issue that must not be ignored. However, all of these partisan misrepresentations of the facts (in particular, the opportunistic, race-bait-fueled Ferguson coverage) are both irresponsible and criminal.

Stewart (and his ilk) can cry wolf and recklessly run without the facts all they want, but one of these days (in fact everyday) people die on account of such satirical, refutable lies. Don’t believe those who seek to divide and conquer (nor the media tools who serve them unknowingly or not).

Lying Leibowitz and His Race-Baiting Ways


Note: This was originally published on December 16th @, just four days before two of NYPD’s finest were senselessly executed, following numerous highly publicized (sensationalized) tragedies. Those who have callously and carelessly misrepresented/misapplied the facts have essentially (whether purposely or not) put large targets on the backs of every officer (men and women of various backgrounds and ethnicity) across America. It is now up to them to come out and repent for what they have done, as they have become living symbols of division, dissention, and destruction. May we as a nation forgo violence and revenge for repentance and accountability and become united in Truth and Goodwill. Those who cannot submit to these basic governing principles are unacceptable and should leave at once.

Pseudo-comedian/political analyst Jon ‘Stewart’ Leibowitz is at it again! He continues to play the role of liberal activist and righteous avenger.

When you’re aiming for cheap laughs and political points, any tragedy will do! As long as the “victim” is young and black, and the police are somewhere in the vicinity, Stewart will continue to run loose and free with the facts (or merely make them up to fit the narrative).

How many tragic stories are ignored (regardless of the color combos and racial overtones) at the expense of the standard liberal meme?

The liberal machine perpetually writes the narrative and continuously feeds the sheep, howsoever it pleases. As Obamacare mastermind Jonathan Gruber gleefully intimated, we Americans are an easy deceive.

Are we, as a nation, suffering from a character and accountability shortage? Maybe to some extent; but this is mostly the reality in all aspects of modern society, regardless of status or vocation.

Who are we to excessively point the finger at law enforcement? They are just doing their best to manage the hand they’ve been dealt. The majority of the men and women in blue just want to do a good job and get through the day in one piece.

The last thing we need is mindless moralizing from some pencil-neck politician or Hollywood hypocrite. The zombie minions and paid trolls will remain faithful to these puppet propagandists but theirs is a virtual reality. Their blind ignorance would be tolerable if it weren’t reaping widespread hostility and division. Our problems are not about black and white; but rather, we are a seduced culture being willingly led astray.

Police brutality is always a concern and must remain intolerable. All legitimate authority is born out of mutual trust and moral integrity. Fear based tyrannical rule will always, ultimately, end in revolution and rebellion.

As for Stewart, he may want to make sure that he doesn’t need the protection of those he unnecessarily vilifies. He may also want to think of the innocent bystanders and business owners who he continues to place at risk by fanning the flames of racial tension (with his forced commentaries and contrived derisions).

Staged and controlled partisan misrepresentations of the facts are highly irresponsible bordering on criminal. For once, will ‘theRealJonLeibowitz‘ please stand up…?

Because this court jester is one royal fool!

* Regardless of my ire, I will be praying for Jon and hoping he sees the light!

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  • AJ Castellitto

    Before anyone brings up fox…… Here is my first & final word on the faux comparison….Fox news is biased but trustworthy, theres a difference…… The rest are biased and cover-up for the progressive criminality by underreporting or ignoring …… Fox seems extreme only because there is so much corruption and criminality that is completely unrecognized by the bought and paid MSM…… That’s why so many lib media types are related to high ranking gov officials….. It’s incestuous controlled propaganda and political cover they are serving