First Day in White House for Ted Cruz

Tonight’s prime-time debate, though crowded, was pretty good and very lively at times. Though I wouldn’t urinate on a few of the candidates on that stage if they were on fire, they all got in some good statements (though you couldn’t believe what the majority of them were saying, because in so many cases, their actions do not match their words).

Of course, being the egotistical ham that he is, Donald Trump ended up stealing the show this evening. I wouldn’t vote for him under any circumstance (he has promoted liberal positions too many times in the past), but it was fun to watch him give it to other liberals.

But when it comes to real substance, this was one of my favorite moments from the first Republican presidential debate on Fox News tonight. It was one of my favorites because Senator Ted Cruz cited several important things which must be done right off the bat as soon as the current Communist-in-Chief leaves the White House.

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And it was also one of my favorites because Ted Cruz is one of the very few people on that stage tonight who can actually be trusted to follow through on the commitment to do it.

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