When Will the Right Get Serious About Evil?

playingExcellent column by Kurt Schlichter at TownHall.com today. It’s something I’ve been advocating and trying to carry out for over 10 years now.

It involves the Right finally getting serious about the all-out war against good in which we find ourselves. The one being prosecuted by the Left against all that is or has ever been good about America, against Christianity and Christian principles in the public square.

It involves the need for conservatives to finally stop playing nice with evil, end the pretense that evil is just “misunderstood,” cease all efforts to accommodate and and compromise with evil, and stop encouraging those who do accommodate and collaborate with evil.

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For too long, our side has suffered under the lie that evil can be reasoned with, that it somehow means well, that we can find “common ground” with evil, that we can have a “win-win” with evil.

For too long, many on our side have also patted on the back those who are soft on evil, gushing and glowing over the slightest gesture of opposition toward evil as if gestures really accomplished anything.

That’s a very, very good strategy for losing the war.

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From the column:

the GOP needs to understand that our enemies are our enemies, and that our enemies must be defeated. Not compromised with. Not accommodated. Not agreed with to disagree with. Defeated. Destroyed. Done.

The film Conan teaches what is best in life, and that must be our attitude toward liberals: We must yearn to crush our enemies. To see them driven before us. To hear the lamentations of their womyn.

And let’s start with Planned Parenthood, and I don’t mean just having some show vote followed by the GOP leadership shrugging and making that sad trombone sound when it fails. Hell, Planned Parenthood is so loathsome its activities managed to disgust the Sex Pistols.

If you can’t get up the stones to stop paying a half billion dollars a year in federal subsidies to semi-humans who carve up infants and haggle over the price of the corpses, then what the hell are you good for?

The base is done being the Establishment’s gimp; we’re looking for the GOP to get medieval. Conservatives must learn to take righteous pleasure in the destruction of our opponents. Progressives are bad people. Progressives should be beaten. We should celebrate their pain and their defeat. When these bloodstained collectivists lose, humanity wins.

But we have a GOP establishment that’s too wimpy to take its own side in a fight, much less humanity’s – or ours. No wonder a walking punchline like Donald Trump is walking all over them.

It’s time to get serious. It’s time to get ruthless. We either win or we are going to be enslaved to the metastasizing progressive monster forever. Instead of worrying that our enemies think we’re being mean, it’s time to let them know that we are mean.

Let me repeat and agree with again: We either win or we are going to be enslaved to the metastasizing progressive monster forever.

We’ve been slobbering at the feet of the Left for so long, I just hope there’s enough time and opportunity to turn the tide.

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