Cruz Mistaken About Leading Financier of Radical Islamic Terrorism

Iran_flagTexas Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz caught some flack last week from RINO presidential loser Mitt Romney for stating the obvious: that if the Iran nuclear deal goes through, President Obama will become the leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism.

That is because in addition to feckless “controls” over Iran’s nuclear program, the deal would give Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of international terrorism, over $100 billion of new money to play with.

I wonder how the world’s leading sponsor of international terrorism might spend an extra $100 billion. Hmm, let me think a while…

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Of course, in the typical manner of “off the charts brilliant” Cruz, he quickly analyzed Romney’s fecklessness for what it is, and put it in historical perspective:

One of the reasons Republicans keep getting clobbered is that we have leaders like Mitt Romney or like Jeb Bush who are afraid to say that.

America already has a gutless political party in the Democrat Party that is more sympathetic toward evil and America’s enemies than it is toward American principles.  What gutless RINOs like Romney, Jeb Bush, Mitch McConnell , John Boehner and others like them fail to realize is that we don’t need another gutless party that will sell us out. For Americans inclined toward that sort of thing, the Democrat Party already excels at it; there’s no need for people who like that to take their business elsewhere.

Cruz was actually headed in the right direction, but unfortunately fell short of the mark.

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While the Obama Administration most assuredly will bear a large amount of responsibility for funding terrorism because of this feckless deal with Iran, the U.S. Congress bears even more responsibility.

You see, the U.S. Constitution makes congress responsible for approving or disapproving treaties.  Make no mistake about it: a deal between two countries is a treaty, regardless of what you call it (only small children and liars call things by incorrect names).  Since the Republican Party is the majority party in both houses of congress, if this treaty awarding $100 billion to the world’s leading sponsor of international terrorism goes through, the Republican Party will join the Obama Administration in becoming the leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism.

Tell me: aren’t you glad we elected a “Republican” majority to congress last year?

I’m so enthused about how they’re stopping all the bad stuff from the Obama Administration like unconstitutional executive amnesty, unconstitutional ObamaCare, the EPA, runaway spending, reckless treaties with belligerent nations like Iran, taxpayer largess to the nations’ leading abortion mill Planned Parenthood, and so much more. Just like they promised during last year’s election, when they begged us–after repeatedly betraying and besmirching us–to trust them one more time.

With a “Republican” congress like ours, who needs a Democrat congress?

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