Let’s See If I Have This Right: Only White People Have to Obey the Law and Police?

Sam_DuboseOK, enough.  This whole white cop shoots/beats/dares to arrest a black person thing has gone on long enough.

George Orwell wrote, “Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious.”  So let me point out the obvious in almost every single white cop versus black person sensationalized story of the past two years –  It was the behavior of the black person that resulted in their death!

Save your “racism” charges for Oprah and Dr. Phil; like the boy who cried “Wolf!,” that worn out accusation has been so over-used (almost always in defense of wrongdoing by a black person) that no reasonably intelligent person gives it any credence any more.  Just yesterday, that old race baiter Sharpton was spewing it again about a comment a prosecutor made about his daughter.  But most Americans, black and white, recognize him and his ilk for the charlatans and race hucksters they are.  Too bad the media doesn’t.

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In the latest case in Cincinnati, Sam Dubose was shown on video refusing to comply with the simple, to-be-expected directions of a police officer.  I’ve been stopped for speeding half a dozen times in my life, and guess what: I never ignored the officer’s directions, never refused to hand over my license (I actually carry my driver’s license in my wallet every time I drive a car…what a concept!) and registration, never refused to get out of the car when directed to, never cursed the officer or screamed that “I’ve done nothing wrong!” (knowing that I certainly had), never fought with the police or tried to take their firearm, etc.  And here I am, alive and well.

No, I didn’t avoid getting shot by the police “because I’m white,” but because I did what you’re supposed to do when a police officer stops you in the lawful fulfillment of his/her obligations as the duly authorized legal authority.  If any of the black martyrs of the past two years had done that, they’d still be alive today.

There’s video of Dubose, showing exactly what he did wrong, so it’s not a case of “What actually happened?”  He didn’t have a license, didn’t give the cop his registration, did hand the cop an open, half-empty pint of whiskey, did not comply with the officer’s direction to get out of the car, then tried to drive away while the cop was trying to turn the ignition off to stop him.  Sam Dubose killed himself by his stupid, self-centered, above-the-law behavior.  Yet from the media’s accounts, you’d think the cop stopped him, walked up to the car window and shot him in the head, just for fun.  Did you SEE that video, for pete’s sake?

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What, is it some sort of badge of honor among blacks to confront the police, to resist every single direction that other people have to comply with daily?  Is it supposed to show courage, that you’re “down with the bruh’s” or some other equally mindless drivel?  What it does is get your dumb butts shot and killed!

There’s that obvious thing: stop acting like idiots, and stop making a fight of every police stop.  If you haven’t done anything wrong, simply comply and it will all be worked out; if you have, well, there are supposed to be consequences to wrongdoing, so man up and take what you deserve…but you won’t get shot, for pete’s sake!  If I acted like Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Sam Dubose, et al, I’d expect to get shot, too.  It’s not rocket science…and it’s damn sure not ‘racism.’   Unless you want to define the whole black race by the behavior of these black punks, thugs and other idiots whose behavior got them killed.

The ultimate effect of all this is that the police will eventually stop confronting blacks who are doing wrong, putting the public at greater risk.  They don’t want to risk going to prison just because they’re trying to do their job.  So that will probably be the ultimate outcome of all this, and black wrongdoers will become even bolder (is it possible?) in their anti-social behavior.  Someone wrote, “If you don’t punish the guilty, you punish the innocent.”  All of us will suffer, but the law-abiding black people who make up the majority of mostly black neighborhoods will suffer the most.  But that won’t matter to the media or the race-pandering politicians.

Look, I don’t like to get stopped by the police; it’s irritating, it’s time-consuming and even a bit embarrassing.  But I’m not going to blast them for doing their job, and I’m certainly not going to make a fight of it every time, no matter how minor the offense is.  Maybe that’s why I’m still alive, huh?

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  • DCM7

    This is pointing out the blindingly obvious that too many people just refuse to face.