Senate ‘Republicans’ Refuse to Defund ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood

RINO_mudAs Texas Senator Ted Cruz  pointed out Friday when he openly called Senate Majority Liar Mitch McConnell  the liar that he is, the “Republican” establishment in Washington D.C. is so corrupt and self-centered on elitist priorities, they can’t even be counted on to fight things like ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood and a nuclear Iran.

In a Sunday session, the GOP “leadership” made it yet again clear that it is more interested in making war on conservatives than it is in making war on the Democrat Party liberal agenda that is destroying this country. All they care about is advancing the agenda of the Washington elite.

Efforts to repeal ObamaCare failed 49-43 in a “Republican” majority Senate.

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Efforts to promote an amendment dealing with Iran could only get three supporters in the “Republican” majority Senate. As the Leftist Politico snidely pointed out, Mitch McConnell ‘s GOP establishment was more interested in punishing Ted Cruz for acknowledging McConnell is a lying liberal than in dealing with the pressing issues threatening America. Of course, in the eyes of corrupt liberals like the Politico, standing up for America is “grandstanding.”

The corrupt “Republican” establishment also couldn’t bring itself to defund Planned Parenthood, even after recent videos exposing not only their barbaric zeal for the slaughter of children, but their sale of body parts from the children they slaughter. Efforts brought forth by Utah Senator and Cruz ally Mike Lee were also scuttled by the “Republican” majority in the Senate.

I distinctly recall telling some people last year, when they insisted we must support a worthless RINO so the GOP could get the majority in congress, that handing them the majority would be an empty gesture because the GOP establishment has repeatedly demonstrated its hostility toward the documented values of its own party.

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Yet again, I have been proven right and they have been proven wrong. Sadly, many people I used to call allies are now publicly revealed as whores willing to sell their virtue for wooden nickels.  They got their “Republican” majority, but somehow I don’t believe they can be very happy with it. The “Republican” majority has funded ObamaCare. The “Republican” majority has funded President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty. And the “Republican” majority has shown where it’s real priorities lie in supporting the Ex-Im Bank. You can always count on the “Republican” establishment to feather the nests of their wealthy friends and contributors…just like the Democrats.

Even if you still naively believe that these liberal votes weren’t about fighting conservatism but were just about fighting rebellious conservatives, they still prove, at a minimum, that the corrupt “Republican” establishment is more interested in petty power plays than it is interested in fighting liberal poison and advancing the conservative principles the party claims to stand for.

Until this worthless bunch of liberals in Republican clothing are thrown out of Washington D.C. and replaced with true patriotic Americans, this great country will continue its descent into the Leftist cesspool and eventual destruction.

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  • Thisoldspouse

    This is why I say I am a man without a Party or a country.