On Display: The Kind of Leadership America Must Have

Cruz_Iran_Protester_2Today in Washington D.C., we saw the kind of intelligence, commitment, and leadership that America MUST have if we are to survive.

At a rally organized by Concerned Women for America against the Iran nuclear deal, 2016 presidential candidate and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was speaking when a Leftist CODEPINK activist tried to hijack the event.

Being the incredibly nice guy that he is, Cruz invited the Leftists to stop being obnoxious and have a rational debate on the issue. While the CODEPINK activist had nothing but the usual “Republicans are warmongers”, anti-Christian, anti-American tripe, Cruz quickly and calmly debunked and dispensed with her nonsense.

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A video of the exchange is below, and the Washington Free Beacon offers some great quotes:

“What you have been pushing for is going to lead us to war,” she said. “Diplomacy, just like we saw the flag up in the Cuban embassy, that’s diplomacy at work.”

As Cruz attempted to rebut Benjamin’s points, she tried to interrupt and shout over him.

“Ma’am I did not interrupt you, so I would ask you to show me the same courtesy,” Cruz said, eliciting an apology from Benjamin.

“You did not respond to the irrefutable point that this deal with send over $100 billions dollars to Iran and those billions of dollars will be used to murder Americans by jihadists,” Cruz explained.

“I recognize that the folks in CODEPINK like to hold up signs saying, ‘Peace with Iran.’ You know who doesn’t reciprocate those views? Iran,” Cruz said, to cheers.


“Sir, I recognize you find the truth very offensive, but under the first amendment, debate means you have to listen to things you disagree with,” Cruz added over the man’s shouts. “And I have listen to what you have said. I would ask you to show the same courtesy, particularly since you have come to our event and crashed it.”

This is why I have been solidly behind Ted Cruz for president in 2016 for some time now. The man is extremely intelligent (“off the charts brilliant” is what his Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said about Cruz), has a firm grasp of the issues, can articulate the traditional conservative position calmly and eloquently, and most of all, isn’t afraid to promote traditional American positions aggressively. (And he can do it without the use of a teleprompter).

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Leftists like the CODEPINKs will probably never be able to accept the truth, short of a miracle from God. But there are literally millions of Americans out there who don’t know what to think, and will easily go along with whoever isn’t afraid to defend their position and acts like they believe it.  These are the people who, with the help of a great conservative communicator like Ronald Reagan or Ted Cruz, could be won to the conservative principles that produced the greatest nation in history.

Right now, 90% or more of Republicans in politics are afraid of their own shadow, and pee their pants at the slightest criticism or challenge from the “mainstream” media and other Leftists (if they haven’t simply sold out to the Left covertly).  Why in the world would a fence-sitting American who hasn’t really taken the time to learn about the issues, be inspired to align with a political party that is afraid to defend its own documented values and principles? The answer is obvious: they wouldn’t.

Ted Cruz understands what made America great, and why American ideas are still the best in the world. He understands, and can explain it to others, and isn’t afraid to do so, even in the face of rabid opposition.

That is why Ted Cruz is my #1 (and almost only acceptable) choice for president in 2016.  I hope you’ll take the time to learn about him, about his unmatched conservative record, and consider backing him, too.

America doesn’t have much time left. America needs Ted Cruz at the helm.

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  • DCM7

    And of course people are already starting to hate Cruz — for basically no reason except that the media has told them they’re supposed to.

    • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

      They’ve already been hating Cruz for a long time, just because the media told them to. I’ve actually had conservatives that agree with me on 98%+ tell me that Cruz is too harsh, he alienates people, blah blah blah. In several years of watching the man speak in multiple situations, I’ve never seen him get really worked up or speak harshly.

      It amazes me how even otherwise intelligent people can allow the Left to do their “thinking” for them.