Declaration of Independence: 239th Anniversary of the Public Reading


Today at noon, Mark the Freedom Poet re-enacted the first public reading the Declaration of Independence in front of “Founding Fathers Black Hills,” the recreation of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall near Rapid City.

The Declaration of Independence was first read publicly at noon on July 8, 1776 by Colonel John Nixon. Today was the 239th anniversary of that reading.

Children were also allowed to ring the replica of the Liberty Bell in front of Founding Fathers Black Hills; the real Liberty Bell is housed in a building near Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

Mark the Freedom poet has dedicated his life to preserving the values and principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence, and has assisted with numerous political campaigns over the years, including presidential and senatorial candidates.

Mark the Freedom Poet also conducts walking tours of all the presidential statues in downtown Rapid City, in which he provides historical facts and context about the men who have led America.  To contact Mark the Freedom poet about a tour, email [email protected] or call 612-237-1516.

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