Seeing Through the Propaganda

“It seemed pretty glaringly obvious to me that the ‘news fit to print’ was pretty much the news that’s fit to serve the powerful…The way that the paper’s senior staff think is exactly like those in power — in fact, it’s their job to become their friends.” – Former NYT Correspondent Daniel Simpson

We see right through the propaganda. As one possibly left leaning commenter astutely noted in response to a stereotypical hit piece against those who lean politically right:

“No doubt there are people infuriated with the government but to suggest that these Faux News watchers are going to take up arms against the government is not supported by the facts. Moreover, those few examples cited appear to be unstable individuals, not politically motivated but listening to audio hallucinations found in young male schizophrenics. Better research and an editor with a sharp pencil might are needed here.”

Lenin_leser_Pravda_fWords matter and loose labels are highly irresponsible. Too much mainstream reporting is perpetuating a hidden agenda in their political projections and culture war aggression. Maybe if all crimes were reported equally: black on black, black on white, and everything in between, rather than fanning the flames in a unilateral direction, the right wing news outlets would not feel the need to overcompensate.

If you only followed mainstream media you would think Obama was the second coming of Jesus. Well, Jesus does not play favorites and neither should we. We are either for Him or against Him. Faithful believers of every color, race, background, gender and ethnicity are fit for the Kingdom. He is an equal opportunity redeemer. Look in the mirror, see past your complexion, and decide where you stand!

“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” – James 1

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A.J. Castellitto is a freelance writer who resides in NJ with his wife and five children. He holds a B.S. in Counseling and Human Services from the University of Scranton and his writings have been published at The Center for Western Journalism, The Christian Post, Intellectual Conservative and Reformed Perspective Magazine.
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  • AJ
    • I’ve always found it extremely, um, “interesting” that these supposedly “Right wing” murderers are usually Marxists (something conservatives loathe), dope heads (something conservatives loathe), lawbreakers (something conservatives loathe), often flag burners (something conservatives loathe), and frequently racists (something conservatives loathe).

      Given that these murdering nutcases are usually consistently un-conservative in most if not all of their leanings, one would almost thing the “mainstream” media and other Leftists are trying to propagandize the murder of innocent people for political gain.

      • franklinb23

        Racism is not a liberal or conservative thing. It just takes different forms.

        The Mormons are a relatively conservative religious group (socially speaking). Nevertheless, they banned blacks from leadership positions until the 70s or 80s.

        Bob Jones University is a conservative evangelical school. They banned blacks and interracial couples as students. The Southern Baptists were formed primarily to ensure the continuation of the African slave trade.

        Some liberals’ racism may be expressed in more personal ways: “Don’t bring home a black guy”, for example (despite their liberal voting tendencies).

        Even if one is not a racist, per se, race is still often a barrier between people because of the accompanying cultural and personality differences. I don’t think this is avoidable. The only thing one can do is avoid making crass generalizations about entire groups of people and automatically assigning automatic guilt where there may be none.

        • It’s true that there is some crossover on both sides of the ideological aisle. However, the tendencies run much wider and deeper than mere coincidence or random chance can account for.

          In a party sense, the Democrat Party has for over 150 years considered black Americans to be inferior. They started out considering black people worthy only of being owned by white men and were willing to go to war to maintain their ownership of black men. When they lost ownership of black men, they sought to continue denying black people their God-given rights. When they lost the ability to do that, they continue to try to keep black people under control through the use of class envy, race warfare, and government dependence.

          Meanwhile, the Republican Party was formed because some people considered it of paramount importance that ALL Americans be free to enjoy their God-given rights.The first Republican president fought a war to ensure that ALL Americans could gain freedom. Republican congresses continued to protect black Americans from the tyranny of Democrats by spelling it out in black and white in the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. And Republicans have continued to believe that ALL men should be free to determine their own destiny without the interference of government and thuggish groups.

          Ideologically, conservatives have always believed that ALL men are children of God, created in His image and endowed with the same value and liberties, and that ALL men are entitled to determine their own destiny without interference from others, so long as that freedom didn’t trample the freedoms of others. Meanwhile, liberals have always believed that some people are better than others, and that those betters are entitled to lord it over their lessers, and that government dispenses rights as it sees fit to those it considers worthy of those rights.

          As usual, history tends to reveal the camp in which evil lies, and the camp from which freedom springs.

          • DCM7

            And let’s not forget this often-missed point: the idea of superior vs. inferior races is a secular, Darwinist idea, totally contrary to Biblical principles. Thus any racism in the name of “religion” is not only misguided but downright hypocritical.