Nevada Considers Gambling With Children’s Lives

sadWASHINGTON, D.C.—Sexually abused minors in Nevada may soon find they are barred from getting counseling, if certain state legislators have their way.

Late Friday night, the State Senate passed S.B. 353, which would ban sexually abused or confused children from seeking counseling to deal with the results of abuse, including unwanted same-sex attractions. The bill is scheduled for a hearing in the Assembly Commerce and Labor committee on Wednesday, May 27 at 1:30 p.m.

Licensed clinical professional counselor Christopher Doyle of Equality And Justice For All ( says the ban is reckless and equivalent to handing a victory to sexual predators, as their victims will be barred from getting licensed therapy to deal with sexual identity questions resulting from the abuse. He is encouraging all concerned citizens to sign a petition and e-mail the Assembly by clicking here.

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“It’s tragic enough when a child suffers sexual abuse at the hands of a predator,” Doyle said. “To think that Nevada lawmakers would now tell these children that they must deal with the abuse on their own without licensed counseling is absolutely inexcusable. Children who suffer abuse and face sexual confusion as a result should, without question, have the option voluntarily to seek help. Who are we to deny them this right? I challenge the Assembly to look an abused child in the eyes—as I have done many times in my counseling practice—and tell that child he or she is forever relegated to live with the effects of the abuse without help. How dare they?”

Doyle added that those spreading propaganda about therapy call it “conversion” therapy to mislead the public. In reality, the therapy is sexual identity affirming therapy that helps clients, at their request, resolve conflicts over sexuality and sexual identity.

“Nevada isn’t the first state to try to pass this harmful ban,” Doyle continued. “Many states around the country have voted down or killed these harmful bills, and Senators in Nevada must do the same. Gambling may be big business in Nevada, but gambling with the lives and health of children is disgraceful. Every person should have the right to seek help, and allowing lawmakers to deny minors this right is the height of cruelty.”

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Those concerned about the bill can contact Nevada State Assembly Members to urge them to vote “no” to denying help to sexually abused minors or can sign a petition by simply clicking here.

Over the past several months Washington, Minnesota, and Colorado joined a dozen states that rejected bills that would ban talk therapy for minors in an effort to protect the rights of minors and sexually abused and sexually confused youth to seek voluntarily therapy for their unwanted same-sex attractions. These states joined 15 states in 2014 that have either voted down or failed to advance this harmful legislation.

On the federal level, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) recently introduced a ban on this therapy, and Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate talk therapy. Doyle has challenged Speier to a public debate, calling her to deliver facts to back up her claim that talk therapy is ‘torture.’

More than 50,000 licensed medical and mental health professionals support the rights of youth to receive such therapies, including the American Association of Christian Counselors, the Alliance for Scientific Integrity and Therapeutic Choice, the Catholic Medical Association, the American College of Pediatricians, International Network of Orthodox (Jewish) Mental Health Professionals and the Christian Medical & Dental Association.

Equality And Justice For All will co-host the Safe Exit Summit on Oct. 2-3 in Washington, D.C. with Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX). The event will focus on equipping churches to become safe exits for individuals seeking to resolve unwanted homosexual attractions.

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  • DCM7

    So liberals really care about children?
    So endorsing homosexuality won’t lead to the protection, and ultimately endorsement, of pedophilia?
    Those are not just lies. Those are hollow, transparent lies.

    • franklinb23

      “So endorsing homosexuality won’t lead to the protection, and ultimately endorsement, of pedophilia?”

      Would you agree that molestation is a form of rape?

      If so, when a heterosexual man rapes a woman (or attempts to rape her), is this somehow a reflection of his heterosexual orientation? In other words, are men likely to rape women by mere virtue of the fact that they are heterosexual, or is there some other element at play?

      I’m not sure if you’re suggesting that gay men are all pedophiles or simply that eliminating the stigma of gay sex necessarily leads to the acceptance of pedophilia. Which is it? Either way, both are false.

      In fact, I would argue that as homosexuality has become more accepted in society, tolerance for child molestation has decreased. I’m not saying that one impacts the other in any way, but just that your conclusion is ill-informed. Priests who abused children in the 50s and 60s were treated by the hierarchy with kid gloves, told to go to confession or were just moved from one parish to another. Rarely were cases of child molestation reported (though they certainly occurred).

      By the way, the Duggars have been extremely opposed to homosexuality. What good did it do them? Certainly none for the son who molested several other girls nor his father who (allegedly) swept it under the rug.

      • DCM7

        “when a heterosexual man rapes a woman (or attempts to rape her), is this somehow a reflection of his heterosexual orientation?”

        Your question is wrong to begin with because it’s based on a common but foundationally false assumption: that same-sex preferences are in any way on the same level as so-called “heterosexual orientation.” But the comparison is not between two different, though essentially equivalent ,”orientations”; it is between normal sexuality (known by the unnecessary word “heterosexuality”) and one particular form of abnormal, unhealthy sexuality. Once that’s cleared up, your entire attempted point falls apart.

        “I’m not sure if you’re suggesting that gay men are all pedophiles or simply that eliminating the stigma of gay sex necessarily leads to the acceptance of pedophilia”

        I would never suggest that “gay men are all pedophiles,” although it is a well-documented (though, of course, frequently denied) fact that pedophilia is proportionally many times higher among those who have same-sex attractions than those who don’t. This should surprise no one; for one thing, one form of abnormal sexuality is going to be much like another. For another, those who have crossed one moral boundary sexuality are likely to cross others as well.

        As for whether “eliminating the stigma of gay sex necessarily leads to the acceptance of pedophilia” — well, I would put it differently, i.e., that eliminating the stigma of one form of abnormal sexuality is likely to open the door for eliminating the stigma of others. In various ways this is already being shown to be the case. Your ultimately irrelevant examples certainly to do nothing to demonstrate otherwise.

  • Thisoldspouse

    Such an inane proposal. If “virtually all” psychological and counselling organizations oppose reparation therapy, then isn’t this just a solution in search of a problem? If almost no one engages in this therapy, then why go to the trouble to enact such laws?

    I’ll tell you why. Because homo-fascists can stand the fact that one single, solitary person may oppose what they do.

    • Maggie 4NoH8

      Because the therapy is harmful to the patient. If you’ll look closely, all those who support such therapy are right-wing extremist nut jobs. No different than the “snake oils” from the past. This therapy not only doesn’t work, it harms the patient.

      • Thisoldspouse

        Did you read my post? Do you hear all of the testimony of the homo-fascists? They say that this practice is virtually non-existent because no medical group will endorse it. Again, it is a solution in search of a problem, if true.

        And, no, people are NOT harmed by this therapy. One of the “witnesses” in New Jersey had to resort to making FALSE STATEMENTS about some fictional “therapy camp” in court testimony, and it was accepted anyway. That’s now left-wing extremist nut job your side has become.

      • Bob Ellis

        Attempting to stop engaging in an immoral and unhealthy behavior is never harmful. If you’ll look closely, all those who oppose such therapy are Leftist ideologues who care more about advancing the homosexual agenda and receiving the approval of homosexual activists than they care about helping people. No different than anyone else who cries “I can, I cant!” as an excuse not to do something difficult but right.

        The therapy not only works for many of those who really want to change (a study a few years ago by Professors Stanton Jones and Mark Yarhouse found a recovery rate better among former homosexuals than among former drunks and drug addicts), it frees people to be what their Creator intended them to be and liberates them from slavery to a dangerous and aberrant sexual behavior.

      • DCM7

        Your claim is nothing but the unthinking parroting of a popular but utterly false talking point.

        Leave the discussion of the topic to people who have actually thought and learned about it.