Solving the ‘Problem’ of ‘Transgender’ Inmates

captains_hatNot to be Captain Obvious here, but actions and choices have consequences.

Here in the United States, we have barely begun to see the consequences that will result from the embrace of mass-lunacy surrounding the “transgender” movement. For instance, on Friday our local newspaper published a front-page article about the “problem” of housing “transgender” criminals in jails and prisons. In what is meant to be a serious news story, the writer jumps aboard the insane train of the “transgender” movement by participating in the charade that the man featured in the article is a “woman.” The writer submissively and foolishly refers to the man, named Richard, in feminine pronouns.

From the report:

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On April 28, a 20-year-old Pass Christian resident, whom several South Mississippi residents said they knew as Alaina, was booked into the Harrison County Detention Center under the name “Richard Alan Mauffray.”

Mauffray, whose attorney said she is transgender, was placed in an area of the jail apart from all other inmates — male and female — and she remains there this week.

With the arrest, she also became a small part of a nationwide struggle over the treatment of LGBTI people in jails and prisons that has generated protests, lawsuits and, recently, acknowledgments by some officials that the issue needs to be dealt with.

“(Segregation) is a solution, but at the same time it’s extra punishment,” said Jeff White, director of the Gulf Coast Rainbow Center, an LGBT community organization. “She’s being punished for the crimes she allegedly committed and also getting extra punishment because she happens to be different. From that basis, it’s not a solution.”

Mauffray, along with Cameron Michael Anglin, 32, of Ocean Springs, was arrested in a series of reported vehicle burglaries in casino parking lots, Biloxi police said. Investigators connected Mauffray to 12 cases and she was arrested on 12 counts of auto burglary. Justice Court Judge Albert Fountain set a bond of $120,000.

Captain Obvious, again: Don’t commit crime. I know that solution would never fly. It’s too easy. Besides “don’t commit crime,” what else does common sense have to say here? Common sense—along with truth, reason and plain old biology—says that the criminal is a man, so we jail him with other men. Duh. Again, that’s too easy. The depraved sexual anarchists would never stand for it.

What we are seeing in America today is a power structure that has been given over to a reprobate mind. It is only in a degenerate-minded nation that the “transgender” movement would ever stand the smallest chance of succeeding, because in order for it to succeed, it must prevail over truth and reason. Only deeply deceived people could possibly believe that a man could ever be a woman, and the reverse. Only the most craven of business and political leaders would cast aside rationality to accommodate mentally ill people who think they’re something they can never be. Yet this is exactly what we’re seeing all across the nation, not among ordinary Americans who know better, but among the powers of the air and their related entities.

It is a testament to the dangerously deluded (or intimidated) state of our nation’s leaders that we are seeing a news story in which people who run jails and prisons are seriously searching for a “solution” to the “problem” of where to lock up mentally ill men who believe they’re women. This is lunacy! This is not a real problem! It is the result of so-called “political correctness” gone wild. It is part of the war being waged by the militant homosexual movement, which is tyrannical at its heart.

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The forcing on society of perverse sexual behavior is part of the Marxist Left’s campaign to destroy the moral foundations of the United States. Marriage and family are in its cross-hairs. Christian freedom and expression are chief among its targets. Absurd “nondiscrimination” laws and lawsuits favoring homosexuals and “transgenders” are foremost among its weapons.

If the American people do not rise up against this evil insanity, it will prevail, and the hand-wringing over what to do with “transgender” prisoners will be just one of a thousand new “problems” that will arise when we allow the degenerate inmates to run the asylum formerly known as the United States of America.

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  • franklinb23

    On a related (but much lighter) note:

    Well, at least I thought it was pretty funny ..

    • WXRGina

      I’m a LADY!!! Yeah, it was funny. :-)

    • Bob Ellis

      Pretty cute. In real life, would that more people were no-nonsense like that pool attendant.

      • WXRGina

        Me, too!

    • retiredday

      The humorous device in that comedy bit is the juxtaposition of the traditional view of gender (that it is physically derived) with the politically correct view (that it is a choice). This creates tension, which is relieved by laughter, and is resolved in the end, when the transvestite gives up his charade.

      I agree, that it is a funny routine, and well done. However, as I understand it, all male transvestites don’t think of themselves as women. They just like to dress like women. Some transvestites are homosexual men passing as women in order to attract and seduce straight men. However, they still don’t really think of themselves as women.

      The serious problem that Gina addresses in this article is that there is an intense effort by the LGTBQ agenda to change society’s view of gender by making laws which create the “right” to choose one’s gender. And what Gina has repeatedly pointed out is that such thinking is morally and socially destructive and caters to the mentally ill.

      There are only 2 genders: male and female…not that anyone chooses one or the other, but that is how God created us (Genesis 5:2). The argument for gender choice presupposes the individual’s supreme authority over himself to be and to do whatever he wants, in total rejection of accountability to the standards set by his Creator.

      Transgenderism, as well as all other aberrant iterations of gender choice, is nothing more than a self-absorbed rejection of God.

      • WXRGina

        Amen, Mike.

  • Thisoldspouse

    I’m seeing more and more of these freaks out in public every year, always very young people who likely have no idea what they are doing, just caught up in a fad through false advertising. And yes, they look like freaks, something out of Greek mythology, with a bottom half of a goat and the top half of a man. If only they were aware of how ridiculous they look.