Influential Texas Conservative Backs Ted Cruz

Pressler Ranch in Bellville, TX

Pressler Ranch in Bellville, TX

As America begins the search for a new president in 2016, many people are tired of the status quo and are looking for an authentic conservative, one who can make a difference and who has shown they are determined to make a difference.

There aren’t many who fit that description like Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. In fact, there are none in the race so far who can match his record of conservatism. And he’s demonstrated an willingness to do more than just mouth conservative platitudes. When most “Republicans” were busy badmouthing ObamaCare but doing absolutely nothing to stop it, Ted Cruz was going to the mat and trying to bring it to a halt before it got a chance to spread its poison over America.

A lot of Americans have probably never heard of Texas Judge Paul Pressler, but if you live in Texas, odds are, you have. I met Judge Pressler a few years ago and got to spend a weekend at his ranch outside of Houston. The retired judge is a humble man, yet one who has left an indelible imprint on Texas politics.  That weekend at his Texas ranch house, I got to meet several of the young college men he is mentoring into leadership; they are but the latest in a long line of conservative pro-family future leaders he is encouraging and helping to prepare for service to our country. Pressler has been in the fight against corrosive liberalism for decades, and he’s made a profound difference in the health of this country that sadly few people are aware of.

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One thing I learned without a doubt during that weekend at Judge Pressler’s ranch: most Texans “love them some Rick Perry.”  Though I’ll admit there are a number of good things about Rick Perry, I’ve also had ought with some of his positions, but I had the wisdom to tread lightly about that “ought” while in someone else’s “house” of Texas.

But this year, Judge Pressler has come out in support of Ted Cruz. From the Washington Post:

“I feel that Ted Cruz is electable and he stands by his convictions in an articulate manner,” Pressler said in an interview Saturday.

“If you sit down and listen to him you’ll see a passion, you’ll see a dedication to principles, you’ll see a person that understands the issues and can articulate them very well. And I think it’s something that people will listen to,” Pressler said.

What Pressler said is interesting in light of what I have heard from a few people on the Right. Some who find it difficult to find fault with his record of reliable conservatism say, “He isn’t electable” or “He alienates people.”

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No. Neither of those is true. People who say this either don’t know better and have spent too much time listening to the “mainstream” media and letting liberals pick their candidates for them…or are working with liberals to try to sour people to a genuine conservative. The only people who ideologically oppose him are liberals, and the only people he alienates are Leftists who loathe his conservative values to begin with.

The truth is, just about the only “unelectable” conservative is the one that conservatives are too fearful to get behind.  Any candidate dedicated to conservative principles who can walk and chew gum at the same time (and rest assured, the man who Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz described as “off the charts brilliantcan walk and chew gum at the same time) is “electable” and can win. Unfortunately, we conservatives have a BAD habit of allowing the “mainstream” media and other Leftists to tell us who our candidate should be, and who can and can’t get elected.  Most of us know better…yet many of us still fall for that crap.  How “interesting” it is that supposedly a genuine conservative is never “electable”…yet the most conservative candidate in the last 100 years–Ronald Reagan–was elected by a landslide.

We conservatives really need to pull our heads out, and get solidly behind a real conservative, and stop letting the Left (in both parties) pick our candidates for us.  America can’t survive if we don’t do a 180 from the liberal abyss toward which we’ve fast been heading for far too long–and we need to do that 180 immediately.  Ted Cruz is the only candidate on the field who has the reliable conservative record, as well as the determination, to make that happen.

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