AFA Calling for Prayers for SCOTUS on Marriage

Supreme_Court_US_20101_fTUPELO, Miss.—Today, nine Supreme Court justices will embark on the decision process to possibly redefine marriage in America, as SCOTUS hears oral arguments in the landmark case that will consider same-sex marriage for the nation. For this strikingly significant moment in the country’s history, American Family Association (AFA, is urging Christians across the country to make an “I Will Pray” commitment.

AFA’s “I Will Pray” pledge, which launched last week, encourages Americans to pray for the Supreme Court decision.

Meeke Addison, Director of Communications for Urban Family Communications, where she co-hosts “Airing the Addisons” with her husband, Wil, on Urban Family Talk, a division of American Family Radio (AFR,, said the issue of same-sex marriage in America is dividing all classes, races, genders and political affiliations, but should not be viewed as a civil rights issue.

“In this time of great divide and at such a turning point in America, it’s critical that we stand for time-honored marriage,” said Addison, who is a leader in the African-American community. “This is not a time to water-down truth, but rather a time to stand firm for what God’s word says about marriage and biblical relationships of all kinds. Same-sex marriage is not a civil rights issue, but a ‘right-or-wrong’ issue—a morality issue that is now shaping our families, our churches, our schools and our entire nation. Families thrive best when we follow the proven plan of marriage between one man and one woman. We continue to pray that the Supreme Court will uphold this truth.”

Added AFA President Tim Wildmon, “The very institution of God’s design for marriage as between one man and one woman is on trial. As hard as it is to believe, nine people will decide if our nation will turn its back on the most fundamental building block of society. This will be one of the most important decisions in the history of America. And the consequences of this decision on people of faith could be staggering. Private business owners have already come under great pressure to surrender their religious liberty and provide services for same-sex weddings. It would be only a matter of time before the same demands would be made of pastors and churches.”

On the special “I Will Pray” section of its website, AFA asks Americans to commit to prayer through tomorrow’s oral arguments—and beyond, as the justices ponder their decisions.

Woodrow Wilcox


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