President Obama’s Theater of the Absurd

Putting a nuclear powered 100,000 ton aircraft carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, in the Gulf of Aden along with other U.S. naval assets, was presumably to warn off Iranian freighters bringing arms supplies to the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

USS Theodore Roosevelt (Photo credit: Photographer's Mate Airman Eben Boothby)

USS Theodore Roosevelt (Photo credit: Photographer’s Mate Airman Eben Boothby)

Yet both the White House and State Department refused to give any assurances to reporters that those Iranian ships would ever be boarded. Such a policy stretches incredulity to the extreme. What, after all, was the U.S. naval flotilla going to do?

At the same time, Obama, who is desperately pushing forward with a terrible deal with that same Iranian Islamic regime, is essentially allowing them to continue keeping the thousands of centrifuges spinning while backing down on any enforcement of inspections at the secret and underground Iranian nuclear facilities.

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In addition, Obama is anxious to release billions of dollars of Iran’s frozen assets back to the mullahs who will use that bonanza to finance and spread yet more terror around the globe.

For the Iranian mullahs, it seems that whatever they want, Obama gives. Is such a legacy what a United States president strives for? If so, as a nation we are reaching a catastrophic nadir in our fortunes.

Indeed, the Iranians themselves contradict all of President Obama’s risible boastings of his “peace in our time” sell out to their tyrannical Islamo-Nazi regime. There is thus something very, very wrong with this picture.

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What seems to be a possibility, knowing the subterfuges and prevarications this Obama administration is capable of is the following.

Obama tells the Iranians that it would look like a U.S. (read Obama) victory if the Iranian ships, including many freighters, alter course and appear to be sailing back to Iran. That will help him, Obama, to gain brownie points in the U.S. and help deflect growing criticism of his nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Then, when the world has forgotten and taken its eyes off the proverbial ball, and with Obama still basking in the glow of adulation from his ever enabling mainstream media, with a nod and a wink Obama allows that same Iranian convoy to return quietly to off load the weapons in Aden port. Meanwhile, of course, Obama had ordered the U.S. fleet to leave the region.

Now that may seem like a conspiracy theory or a descent into the twilight zone. But consider the benefits to this president.

For Obama it is a win-win situation. He further strengthens the Iranians and his quest for what will be a dubious legacy, one in which America turns its back on its allies and embraces a worldview of détente with its enemies.

Such a policy will inevitably have frightful consequences we can only imagine in our worst nightmares.

The apparent turning back of the Iranian convoy is already being hailed in the media as a victory for the U.S. and the President. So with one stoke, he undercuts all those who have been calling him soft on Iranian aggression and makes it much harder for his critics to retain credibility.

In this era of Obama we have entered the weird realm of Eugene Ionescu’s famous play, “Rhinoceros,” where day is night, right is wrong, and up is down.

As most folks know, those with eyes to see and ears to hear, Obama has been removing top military brass who oppose his foreign and military policies. They have simply been ordered to retire.

Obama is now surrounded by sycophants both in the political, military and media fields to the peril and detriment of the United States of America and what few allies it has left.

We are in a veritable Theater of the Absurd.

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