Sexual Delusion, Social Revolution and Cultural Blitzkrieg

Well, I finally made it into the Right Wing Watch Hall of Fame.

I figured I would go over to their Facebook page and read what some of my new fans had to say. I must say, it wasn’t pretty. Actually, it was pretty unnerving.

Here were some of the responses to my fairly tame article titled, “Rainbows and Infidels”…

“I swear everyday these idiots say something even crazier. They are seriously afraid of an America without legal bigotry.”

“Hey AJ, homosexuality is normal, natural, and healthy if your gay f#%*wit.”

“Right wingers are complete f#%*@ing fool’s.”

“If you believe in god you are a mentally ill individual who needs immediate help. We, as a people, need to stop coddling the childish behavior of god-niks and demand that they be committed for psychiatric evaluation. Involuntarily, if necessary. The entire ilk of god-niks are sick…”

“Late at night….he dreams of being “taken down” by gay commie pawns…..”

“Where do they drag these loonies up from?”

I tried to put my empathy hat on for the sake of the more reasonable commenters. There actually were one or two that were respectful and reasonable in response to my attempts to engage. I tried to convey my love and concern, not only for the future of this country, but also for them.

I thought that “civil unions” provided the gay couple with all of the legal benefits and state recognition they’d been seeking. Some seemed a bit confused on this point….

“This is just plain stupid! Individual gays fall in love and want the legal and financial benefits of marriage. This happens one couple at a time and there are no conventions (they do have a parade) or conspiracies.”

Unfortunately, the larger agendas seem to be lost on the majority. But despite their confusion, this is seemingly the crux of their argument.

Woodrow Wilcox


The benefits afforded via civil unions were satisfactory in providing domestic partners legal-contractual recognition. This was not enough for the folks leading the charge, however, so they doubled down. It is they who purposely and calculatingly want Christianity buried and Christians to be forced underground (and churches wholly conformed to secular standards).

I tried to reach some level of understanding. A redefining of marriage has great social and cultural implications. It’s just one more piece of the greater mission to radically transform America in a way that makes us more pliable and susceptible to radicals, renegades and rogues hostile to American values, principles and ideals. I’m talking people who want to do real harm.


There are those who are willing to use the force and power of government to inflict personal slander, privacy infringement, financial ruin, physical harm and imprisonment upon an innocent majority. Specifically, upon those who will not wholly comply with the extreme and drastic measures being forced upon society (this is about way more than just non-traditional marriage).

A much greater fight is looming. America’s privacy, security, sovereignty and vitality are on the line.

A power grab is in the works. Every aspect of our life – religious, vocational, personal, medical, economic – will be exposed and assessed. We will be either rewarded or punished by the government, based on our history of compliance.

It’s already happening. If those being blindly manipulated would only open their hearts and minds and see where we’re headed… Ruling class, death panels, broken families, no borders, no privacy, no free speech, no economic opportunity, no hard line against terrorism, no faith… Just collective misery.

That’s what all these “phony scandals” are about. And the donkeys are just a bit more sold out and sinister than the elephants.

The most trustworthy are the most maligned. Yes, the extreme Right wing (Cruz, King, Lee, Amash, Stockman, Garrett and straight-shooters like Gowdy, Chaffetz) and many more good men and women. Commies will use anyone and anything for control and tyranny. It’s a power trip. Whether it’s religious humanism or militant Islam. Evil is patient and never sleeps. This is not a political war nor a culture war. We have found ourselves in the middle of a religious war. This is a spiritual battle for truth. The soul of our nation (and the souls of our children and grandchildren who are callously being led astray) is at stake!

As for the specific issue at hand, I did my best to lay it on the line, despite the hostile territory:

“I don’t necessarily advocate overly-negative analysis that places people on the defensive. But we have a responsibility to look at all facets of these issues.

1. Is government a supreme god-like authority and do they only represent atheists and religious humanists?

2. How is marriage defined? Who defined it? Who has the authority to redefine it? Are there limitations on what constitutes a state recognized marital union? How about polyamory? Who sets the standard?

If morality is arbitrary, who sets the legal standards, limits, and thresholds? Are attacks against Christians covered by hate speech? How are concerns related to traditional/cultural views on morality (including the effects of porn, divorce, infidelity, child sexualization-education, common decency and the importance of present traditional parental roles) rightly deemed hate speech?”

Our message to those who identify themselves as homosexual (although I don’t believe we must be defined by a sexual inclination) is that ‘Jesus loves you’ and so do we. We will not use you. But we won’t lie to you either. We needn’t be defined by our thoughts nor our desires, rather we are defined by what we embrace!

Also, we should ask the President if Islamic nations are exempt from making marriage a godless and arbitrary institution. Treating militants with kid gloves as they torture, rape and kill Christians and desire the same for Jews is not cool… Not at all!

What’s become of our country? Both parties and a vast majority of Americans support Israel’s right to self-defense. So why does this admin act contrary to that? Where in the world are the priorities?

Question authority, reject the propaganda, and examine the fruits ……. Of what kind are they?

Originally Published August 2014 > Read more here.

We boycott Indiana but embrace Iran??? Where is the consistency and moral authority? All I see is an empowering of Islam alongside a concentrated effort to neutralize, undermine and wholly annihilate Christianity and Judaism. It ain’t gonna happen! God Wins!

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