Transgenderism in Schools Again Affirmed by SD ‘Republicans’

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transgender_boyThe South Dakota Senate Education Committee heard HB 1161, a second bill on the South Dakota High School Activities Association transgenderism policy today.  The bill had passed the South Dakota House on Feb. 27 on a 46-23 vote.

The “Republican” supermajority legislature committee killed a similar bill, HB 1195, on Tuesday. HB 1161 sought to limit the rulemaking authority of the SDHSAA to make pro-homosexual policies like this one which states:

Philosophy of Gender Identity Participation:
The SDHSAA allows participation for all students regardless of their gender identity or expression. The purpose of this policy is to designate a set of criteria in which student-athletes are able to compete on a level playing field in a safe, competitive and friendly environment, free of discrimination.

Gender Identity Participation

All students should have the opportunity to participate in SDHSAA activities in a manner that is consistent with their gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on a student’s records. Should any questions arise whether a student’s request to participate in a sex-segregated activity consistent with his or her gender identity is bona fide, a student may seek review of his or her eligibility for participation by working through the procedure set forth below:

Once a student has been granted eligibility to participate in the sport consistent with his/her gender identity, the eligibility is granted for the duration of the student’s participation and does not need to be renewed every sports season or school year.

For the purposes of this policy, the following definition applies:
1. Transgender Person: a person whose gender identity does not match the sex assigned to him or her at birth.
2. Gender Identity: a person’s deeply-felt internal sense of one’s own gender.
3. Gender Expression: a person’s external characteristics and behaviors that are socially defined as either masculine or feminine (dress, speech, mannerisms, social interactions, etc.)

The bill’s prime sponsor, Rep. Steven Haugaard, said he has worked with a number of homosexual, transgender and other sexually confused people, and it is out of concern for them that he has brought his bill.

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Haugaard said the SDHSAA policy is anchored to the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).  Haugaard  stated this pro-homosexual group has stated in their standards of care that they are committed to changes in public policies and legal reforms and to ensure favorable social and political climates for their agenda. Haugaard also pointed out that their standards state “Mental health professionals should not impose a binary view of gender” and “hormonal or surgical interventions are appropriate for some adolescents.” The standards also state that if parents do not support their child’s rejection of their sex, then it is the parents who need counseling. WPATH also “urges health insurance companies and other third-party payers to cover the medically
necessary treatments” (i.e. surgery and/or hormones) to mutilate the confused person’s body (and who pays for insurance costs, but the insurance premium payers, i.e. you and me).

Proponents who testified in favor of the bill included Representative Roger Hunt, Mark Chase of the South Dakota Family Policy Council, Linda Schauer of Concerned Women For America Legislative Action Committee, and Norman Woods of Family Heritage Alliance Action.

Chase said that when testimony on HB 1195 was heard a few days ago, he heard some of the pro-homosexual opponents of the bill state that God loves everyone, including homosexuals and transgender people. Chase said that we find ourselves in our current state of societal decay not because of our acceptance of God’s love, but because of our rejection of God’s love and truth. Chase pointed out that God created human beings male and female, and many today are attempting to suppress the truth. He said that the SDHSAA policy legitimizes confusion and emotionalism, while the truth is that there are only two sexes and genders: male and female. Chase said feelings should never be allowed to trump truth.

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Speaking in opposition to the bill were Lindsey Riter-Rapp of the South Dakota High School Activities Association and Mitch Richter of the South Dakota United School Association. Riter-Rapp stated she opposed the bill for the same reasons she stated earlier in the week regarding HB 1195.

During committee discussion, Senator Brock Greenfield said that if this policy had come before the legislative committee as a bill, it would have been quickly and summarily rejected. Yet some seem inclined to let the policy ride because it was formulated by another body.  Greenfield called the policy “far reaching and radical” and stated that by their inaction, they were endorsing the policy and turning their backs on biological truths.

The committee killed the bill on a 5-2 vote with three “Republicans” voting to uphold this dangerous pro-homosexual policy:



Curd Yea Frerichs Yea Greenfield (Brock) Nay
Hunhoff (Bernie) Yea Rampelberg Nay Solano Yea
Soholt Yea


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