Netanyahu Demonstrated Statesman’s Handling of Truth

Greatness in statesmanship is a rare commodity. Not every generation is blessed to know a truly great statesman. Those who have never seen greatness in a leader have no idea of how to identify or measure greatness in their own generation without having learned history sufficiently well to see their present leaders in the context of world events.

Having an accurate historical perspective requires stepping away from agendas and partisan tactics. You have to have the big picture in mind. You have to be strong on fundamentals. You have to be focused on the truth. As obvious as that may sound, that perspective and those conditions are almost as rare as greatness itself.

Because great leaders take stands on great issues, where the substance of morality and truth are central to their cause, they have bitter and vociferous enemies who take every opportunity to malign them, mischaracterize them, and obfuscate the cause for which they stand.

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On Tuesday May 3, 2015 a truly great statesman spoke before a joint session of the U.S. Congress: Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. As is the case with all great men, his enemies do all they can to oppose him, criticize him and confuse public opinion. But all it takes to recognize his greatness is to listen to what he says. The only people who fail to recognize his honesty and good judgement are those whose petty agendas are threatened by doing what is right.

I am a patriotic American. But I do not trust or believe what my own State Department says. I do not trust or believe anything the Obama administration says. I do not trust them because for the past six years they have proven themselves to be corrosive to constitutional government, destructive to domestic tranquility and have put forth unprincipled, undependable and un-American foreign relations.

Part of this abysmal record stems from the globalist perspective that has metastasized throughout both the Democrat and Republican parties and is destroying our constitutional government and our national sovereignty. But even more telling has been our national departure from the traditional Biblical world view to more secular world views. The historical significance of Israel, as presented in the Bible, has increasingly become lost to a generation that does not revere the God of the Bible, but rather scorns the Biblical world view.

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Essentially, the political forces aligned against Israel are godless. It’s not simply a matter of having a political disagreement with Israel or Prime Minister Netanyahu. It’s a matter of deep enmity between those godless geopolitical forces and the national sovereignty of the world’s only Jewish state.

Netanyahu pointedly compared our founding document which, calls for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” with Iran’s founding document, which calls for the world-wide spread of Jihad. Ignorant statements have been made about Jihad. It is not a noble struggle for the betterment of mankind. Jihad is holy war. And holy war is what we see happening in Syria and Iraq today: innocents being slaughtered in the most heinous of ways. Jihad is Islamic terrorism.

I believe Benjamin Netanyahu. I trust him. He stands against the scourge of Jihad and for the freedom not only of Israel but of all the peoples of the world. And judging by the reception his speech received, I would say most of our Congress are willing to stand with him, too. But not Obama. Not Pelosi. Not the other small-minded, godless enemies of truth.

These days Christians often quote Ephesians 6:12: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” (ESV)

Who are the “we” of that sentence? It refers to all believers, collectively the church. So, yes, Christians (the church) are not to wage war against people. However, nations do in fact wage wars against people. And you won’t find any Bible passages that prohibit nations from the right and proper use of their military forces. What you do find is Jesus’ instruction to render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, which means if our country goes to war, Christians are to support it.

If our federal government was still operating according to the Constitution, the act of going to war would be preceded by Congress making a formal declaration of war. If such a declaration were to be based on our national defense, or in accordance with a legitimate treaty, then there should be no moral dilemma for Christians not to support that war effort.

Let me make this very clear. The Holy War is something being done TO us by religious fanatics. Our fighting to protect freedom is self preservation, self defense, not a “Crusade”. The only Crusade is the Jihad of the militant Islamicists, who do so out of religious conviction, evidenced in what they call themselves: The Islamic State; The Islamic Republic, etc. Theirs is a religious war. Ours is a non-sectarian defense of peaceful and humane civilization. Nations are not defending against the Jihad of Muslims for religious reasons. And Christians who join in this protection of life are not fighting a “holy war”.

During World War Two, Winston Churchill provided great leadership for what we called “the Free World”. Even then, Churchill had many detractors. But his wisdom sustained freedom-loving people and proved true in the end. We now live in a time when we are less free and more dependent on government. Now, instead of seeing nations invading nations, we are seeing multi-national Islamic extremists wiping out civilian populations and wielding power through terror.

Surrounded and threatened by this most barbaric form of war stands the tiny nation of Israel, a nation targeted for destruction by her terrorist-supporting neighbors. By the grace of Almighty God, the nation of Israel has been given a great leader — a leader who is facing and meeting the challenges of our time. Would that the United States of America had such a leader. Every believer needs to be on their knees before the LORD, asking that he raise up godly leaders for our time — leaders who stand for truth and do not fall for lies.

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