Mothers and Fathers: Big Difference

homosexual_parentingThe radical Left insist there is no difference between a man and a woman, a mother and a father, that either are easily dispensable.

That doesn’t even pass the smell test. Why do any of us let them get away with lies like that which defy common sense and the very evidence we can see for ourselves?  Simply because we want to “get along”?  What a bunch of wusses we’ve become!

It would be one thing if we were letting them pass off apples as oranges, or even letting them pass off used gum wrappers for $20 bills.  But to allow them to counterfeit the immeasurable value of marriage?  That takes a particularly low type of coward.

Ted Cruz 2016


Studies have always shown that children do much better with their biological mothers and fathers.  This wisdom was “Duh!” for thousands of years even before clinical studies proved what we already knew through experience. Who is going to love a child like their biological flesh and blood?  Who is going to protect a child like their biological flesh and blood?  Who is going to go the extra mile to nurture and provide for a child like their biological flesh and blood?

And no, two men or two women can’t replace the balanced environment that a mother and father provide for a child. A mother and father work in concert with each other, both drawing on inherent talents, strengths and inclinations to provide the best of both male and female giftings to provide a balanced developmental environment for a child. Having a home where there are two men or two women as the adult figures sends the extremely unbalanced and damaging message to a little boy or girl that one or the other sex is either unnecessary or undesired, or both.

It is the epitome of narcissism to insist we put a child in such an environment so that homosexuals can feel better about themselves.

Woodrow Wilcox


homosexual_parenting_2The few studies which have started to pop up in the recently crazed pro-homosexual culture are filled with the kind of “let’s prove the answers we seek” kind of methodology, often relying on the statements of homosexual parents that, “Yes, my children are EXTREMELY well adjusted and doing so wonderful it’ll blow your mind.”  And sadly, many impressionable children have been coached to confirm that, “Yes, I am so glad that my two mommies or my two daddies have subjected me to this incredible growing experience.”

Meanwhile, the real science (such as “Emotional Problems among Children with Same-Sex Parents: Difference by Definition” in the British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioral Science) continues to show what we have known for thousands of years: there are great–and good–differences between men and women, and that both mothers and fathers are necessary to raising healthy, well-balanced children.

Our society must reverse course immediately on this insanity which has gripped us. If we do not, we will completely destroy all that is America–and our nation’s children will be at the vanguard of the pain and suffering to come.

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  • Thisoldspouse

    It defies even the simplest logic that homosexuals can claim that maleness and femaleness are irrelevant to be a parent, but are indispensable in choosing a mate.

  • DCM7

    Just keep in mind that, most likely, almost no one really *believes* that mothers and fathers are the same and that one or the other is dispensable. Rather, the position that some people take requires them to *pretend* that mothers and fathers are the same, etc.
    In other words, this is one example of something I wrote about earlier — i.e., that many people use arguments that they themselves know are false, because they consider this an effective tactic. It’s certainly useful for fooling the uninformed and lazy-minded.