Freedom from Regulations Supported by SD House

red_tape_bgThe South Dakota House of Representatives voted 56-14 in favor of HCR 1005, a resolution calling on congress to propose a “regulation freedom amendment” to the U.S. Constitution due to the encroachment of liberty perpetrated by our nation’s out-of-control regulatory environment.

A key provision of the resolution calls for a majority vote by congress on any federal regulation that one-quarter of the members of congress oppose.

The legislation carries no force of law, but is a statement of the opinion of the legislature and calls on our federal representatives to take action.

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Anderson Yea Bartling Nay Beal Yea
Bolin Yea Bordeaux Nay Brunner Yea
Campbell Yea Conzet Yea Craig Yea
Cronin Yea Deutsch Yea DiSanto Yea
Dryden Yea Duvall Yea Feickert Yea
Gibson Nay Gosch Yea Greenfield (Lana) Yea
Haggar (Don) Yea Harrison Yea Haugaard Yea
Hawks Nay Hawley Nay Heinemann (Leslie) Yea
Hickey Yea Holmes Nay Hunhoff (Jean) Yea
Hunt Yea Jensen (Alex) Nay Johns Yea
Kaiser Yea Killer Nay Kirschman Yea
Klumb Yea Langer Yea Latterell Yea
Marty Yea May Yea McCleerey Nay
Mickelson Yea Munsterman Yea Novstrup (Al) Yea
Otten (Herman) Yea Partridge Nay Peterson (Kent) Yea
Qualm Yea Rasmussen Yea Ring Nay
Romkema Yea Rounds Yea Rozum Yea
Russell Yea Schaefer Yea Schoenbeck Yea
Schoenfish Yea Schrempp Nay Sly Yea
Soli Nay Solum Yea Stalzer Yea
Stevens Nay Tulson Yea Verchio Yea
Werner Yea Westra Yea Wiik Yea
Willadsen Yea Wollmann Yea Zikmund Yea
Wink Yea


Ayes 56 Nays 14 Excused 0 Absent 0


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