The Foolhardy Crusade of the Blind Watchbreaker

“Just because we’re conditioned to view some things as disgusting and immoral doesn’t mean that some things aren’t, in actual point of fact, disgusting and immoral. Human sacrifice, for instance. Or cannibalism. Or Ann Coulter.” – Dan Savage

watchI’m not sure why this is but I find traditional atheism much less offensive than godless leftism. Modern-Commie liberalism always strikes me as emotionally immature, hypocritical, and often classless. I think of Rosie O’Donnell, Rosanne Barr and that black chick who wore the tampon earrings.

In fact, this whole godless-progressive movement has historically been very short on open dialogue/free speech and long on bully tactics/blind protests and character assassination. They can boo GOD at their national conventions and even replace Him with Allah but they will never extinguish the fire that burns in the hearts of true believers everywhere.

There are many who serve in our armed forces who would be lost without their faith (and the army chaplains that provide essential spiritual counsel). Unfortunately, it seems one person’s inspiration can be another’s bitter agitation….

Ted Cruz 2016


“We are facing a national security threat in this country that is every bit as significant in magnitude, width and breadth internally as that presented externally by the now-resurgent Taliban and al-Qaeda….”

“….We are facing an absolute fundamentalist Christianisation — a Talibanisation — of the US Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Air Force.” – Mikey Weinstein

The modern atheist has exchanged philosophical platitudes and true critical thinking for scientism and politically-correct propaganda. The true rational intellectual would not be so swift to resort to a default position of mockery and ridicule in an attempt to undermine the thoughtful theist. But this is all too often the major methodology applied by the insecure secularist.

Religious deconstruction may be more readily achieved via legal proceedings and media campaigns, but the eager agnostic should be careful about the voids they leave in their wake. The much greater ‘offense’ may be (armed and) ready to fill them…..

Let’s try to be patient and loving even as we acknowledge that the uprooting of our Godly foundations bestowed unto flawed and fallen men by a holy, just and merciful God will ultimately reap disorder and despair. Only in a free society could its citizens be foolish enough to reject the foundation upon which it was born.

Woodrow Wilcox



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