Yes, Liberals are Running the South Dakota Legislature

Pierre_20120105nfHere’s my letter to the editor of the Rapid City Journal, published today.

The 2015 South Dakota Legislative session began this past week. In the Senate, 27 of 35 members, or 77 percent, are Republicans. In the House, 58 of 70, or 83 percent, are Republicans.

This gives Republicans an 81 percent supermajority in the Legislature. With a Republican governor, and virtually all other officers of state government being Republican, what kind of legislation can we expect in 2015?

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Will we keep our taxes relatively low or lower, or will “Republicans” who behave like Democrats raise our taxes? Will we protect the people of South Dakota from the ills of illegal immigration, or will “Republicans” who behave like Democrats refuse to do so or even reward illegal aliens? Will we uphold limited government principles and local control of our schools, or will “Republicans” who behave like Democrats block this and push liberal education experiments on our children? Will we protect marriage, family and religious freedom from leftist attacks, or will “Republicans” who behave like Democrats refuse to do so and tell us there is no danger?

Based on recent years, I’m ashamed of what I expect we’ll see from our “Republican” supermajority Legislature. Every indication is that the liberals are in charge in Pierre.

— Bob Ellis, Rapid City

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