Hey Republicans: Most People Aren’t Drinking Global Warming Koolaid

global_warming_2There for a while, we were fed the line that virtually all scientists believed human activity was causing the earth to warm dangerously (not even close), and that anyone who didn’t buy into this was a dangerous flat-earther who should be jailed for high crimes against humanity.

But as usual, the world does turn, and sanity always does return sooner or later…

It’s refreshing to see that now a healthy majority of Americans are no longer drinking the global warming Koolaid.

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From the Daily Caller:

More than half of Americans say global warming is not a threat to their way of life, according to a CNN poll. Furthermore, nearly half of Americans say global warming is caused by natural forces or isn’t a proven fact.

CNN’s poll reveals that a “majority of those polled, at 57 percent, say global warming will not pose a serious threat to their way of life,” and that only 43 percent “expect global warming to threaten them.”

“Meanwhile, only 50 percent of Americans believe global warming is caused by man-made emissions, while 23 percent say it’s caused by natural changes and 26 percent say it isn’t a proven fact,” CNN notes.

This is even CNN poll, so I’m sure they did all they could to pump up the belief in the religion of anthropogenic global warming.

Faith in this Marxist fairy tale has been dropping for some time now, and as more people see what a joke this crazy hypothesis really is. Between ClimateGate and it’s fudged computer models, to the flattening of temperatures over the past 15 years, only the most dedicated Leftists and most ignorant could still by this propaganda.

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Now, if we could just get the “Republican” establishment to pull their heads out. But as usual, as we see acutely in Washington D.C. and in my state of South Dakota, these “Me too!” liberals running the GOP are always late to the party, and nearly impossible to convince that conservatism is the right and winning position.

From the Daily Caller:

Republicans lawmakers, particularly in the Senate, have said they believe human activities cause the planet to warm, and that actions should be taken to reduce temperature rises. These Senators include Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, John Thune of South Dakota and Rob Portman of Ohio.

Democrats think that global warming is a winning issue for them in 2016, despite polling showing that environmental issues rank low on people’s minds during elections. Some Republicans agree that global warming could prove to be a problematic issue for them in the future.

“I think there will be a political problem for the Republican Party going into 2016 if we don’t define what we are for on the environment,” Graham told Roll Call last year. “I don’t know what the environmental policy of the Republican Party is.”

How about the traditional Republican position that has served the party of freedom and common sense for so many years: environmental responsibility, without quashing freedom and economic prosperity.

It really isn’t that hard to figure out.  Just hold people accountable for responsible behavior, and not worship the earth or trample people’s freedom in the process.

But with the “Me too! liberals running the GOP these days, I fear that once again, they may be determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and just as we are getting the upper-hand over liberal propaganda in this area, these idiots are going to go all-in to accomplish the Democrats’ liberal agenda for them.

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