What Will Remain of America?

Islam_dominateAt what point will modern day Americans wake the hell up? We have lazed around, enjoying our non-exertive creature comforts while those who are diligent in their agendas haven’t missed a beat. At what point will we realize that it isn’t “global awareness,” “congenial compatibility” or as in this latest case, “religious pluralism.” It’s conquest and we are the damn targets!

These “politically correct” and asinine terms disguise the ongoing threat against our Country and our way of life. Make no mistake, we who live and enjoy the fruits of liberty are under attack as much as were those who perished in those 9/11 twin towers. It’s just that at this stage of a minimal Muslim population percentage, it’s more polished, compatible and persuasive than what will follow.

All one has to do is to look to France for an understanding of what is in store for America. Conversely, all one has to do is to look to Australia for an understanding of what needs to be done. Assimilate or leave!

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France has permitted the encampments known as “no-go” zones, and in doing so, it seems that France can’t get past being France. While we on the other side of the Atlantic have become distant finger pointers, or more to the fact, pointers with little or no “skin in the game,” we also fail to realize that this will occur here if we continue with our appeasements.

The latest example of a suicidal America occurred at Duke University. Recent CNN headlines announced that, “Duke University’s decision to sound Muslim call to prayer riles some,” pretty much sums up this insanity.

This “top ten” rated American university reasoned that this “represents a larger commitment to religious pluralism that is at the heart of Duke’s mission.”

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With this kind of perspective, what more needs to be said? Especially when America previously expelled any possible connection with Christianity being taught or even mentioned in our elementary and secondary public school system.

Duke has been known as a Christian institution since its inception. What better platform for a Muslim infiltration effort? And make no mistake, it is infiltration and Duke’s Christian heritage attracted this crusade.

What has happened to our resolve since our 9/11 attack? Probably the same as was the case prior to that fateful day. The majority of Americans viewed the subject of Vietnam as merely an historical reference, yet for those who served, we remember policies which devalued our sacrifice and eventually reversed our mission. Today’s adversary is energized by these failures and this awareness is essential, for the need to know one’s enemy is as old as war itself.

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America may view reversing policies as being part and parcel of foreign trade offs but to our enemies, this encourages their ambitions. When religious fervor is added to their mix, forget logic, diplomacy or this insipid “religious pluralism.” Their beliefs demand capitulation of the infidel. There is no middle ground and once attained, their rule will be ruinous and bloody. Their recent promotion of beheadings signal what lies in wait.

Today, we are a nation of well-meaning fools. We believe as we always have; that life is important and that fairness is in every heart. Especially at Duke University! Like I said, “fools!”

We are facing what past nations faced and the picture remains the bloody same. Duke’s dean, Christy Lohr Sapp’s attitude that, “It connects the university to national trends in religious accommodation” is dangerous hogwash. Somebody had better inform Ms. Sapp that this threat of vicious domination is a real one and that her pluralistic views place all the students, along with our Country, in mortal danger.

The problem with America is that the vast majority of our citizens have not experienced sacrifice at any level. For too many decades, adults provided “a better life” for their children. In doing so, they have eliminated any of life’s uncertainties, including sacrifice. This is a setting for which our enemies relish.

As for the beheaders, they consider it as a sign from Allah as to why the mighty armies of America cannot win at war. They view the leaving of 58,000 plus on the battlefield, then signing a peace agreement, as a sign of weakness and ultimately, representative of a vulnerable and unworthy opponent. While we glow over our WWII triumphs, our enemies concentrate upon the more relevant “what have you accomplished lately” aspects of our bravado.

Another advantage is their rigidity in religious beliefs. Any religion which touts the waiting of 72 virgins will have its immediate followers, however, what is America’s belief, her drive? All they see is our disunity and disbelief. Is there any doubt as to what awaits?

Not to outdo the “no-go” zones of Europe but the “training camps” which have sprouted up throughout America foretells of a more severe and lasting calamity. Are these already “no-go” camps? If so, their infiltration is further along than we all dare to admit.

This naïve approach of “religious pluralism” is the work of the protected, the guarded, those who are still free to spin and frolic within their preferred idealisms. They fail to understand the recruitment arena which they will be perpetrating. If this is allowed to continue, the college campus will join America’s prison system as representing our enemy’s most fertile recruitment centers.

For too long, many have rightly viewed our colleges and universities as havens for the proliferation of anti-American and socialistic doctrines. Now, Duke has opened the door for a blatant defiling of all that is American. What’s next?

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