Do Black Lives Really Matter to Black Leadership?

Photo credit: Thomas Altfather Good

Photo credit: Thomas Altfather Good

I hope this makes all the race-baiters squeal.  They can save their ink and they can save their time; I will not apologize for speaking the truth.  Someone needs to expose the frauds.

For most of my life I bought into the white-guilt that the media so diligently worked to shove down my throat.  Most white-Americans are still programmed to feel guilty for the way that blacks have been treated as if we are each individually responsible for their plight.  This is why Sharpton and his ilk are so powerful and so wealthy.

Well, Praise the Lord, I have been set free from that set of chains.  Blacks, like all Americans, are accountable for the condition they find themselves in; just as I am.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964, signed on Independence Day weekend, outlawed racial discrimination in America.  I was 12 years old at the time.

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The ‘War on Poverty’ which was also launched in 1964 has seen the transfer of over $15 TRILLION  to help raise Americans out of poverty.  Yet, as Jesus told us, the poor are still with us.  Our inner cities are war zones populated by large numbers of poor, fatherless, black children.

As bad as I feel about their condition, and as much as I do to try to help, the truth is that government dependency and lack of personal responsibility is to blame for destroying a majority of America’s inner city neighborhoods.  Government dollars cannot overcome issues regarding the content of one’s character.

And despite the protestations of the professional race-hustlers, it is not the white man who has held our black citizens down.  Sorry to break the bad news to my black brothers and sisters, but black leadership has done it to you. They have sold you out.

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Recently a new slogan has appeared on the American scene.  “BLACK LIVES MATTER” is the new catch-phrase designed to create a false-narrative in the battle to blame everyone but the black man for the condition he finds himself in.  Here is the question we must ask, although you will never hear anyone say it and you will never find someone wearing a shirt that speaks this truth.

DO BLACK LIVES REALLY MATTER?  I would posit that to those who are passing themselves off as “black-leadership” in America that individual black lives DO NOT really matter.

To Wit:

The world recently showed up to protest in the streets of Paris over the murder of 17 innocent human beings.  Nearly every world leader was there in solidarity against the theology that would exhibit such hatred and violence against innocent people.

Yet, covered up during the same news cycle was the death of 2000 people killed by Boko Haram for the crime of being Christian.  This massacre took place not in white-European France, but in the “dark continent” nation of Nigeria.  Yet there is no marching in Nigeria.  No cry for unity against the slaughter of 2000 black Christians.  Could it mean that black lives don’t really matter?

While America was turned upside down the past few months over the police-involved killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, the “black-leadership”, with the help of their puppets in the press, failed to mention that our inner cities have become war zones for young black men where, according to Rudy Guliani, 93% of all homicides are committed by blacks upon other blacks.

Wanna know the truth?  To those who scream “race” the loudest, black lives don’t really matter.

Recent statistics show that in Jackson, Mississippi, where the state’s last remaining abortion clinic continues to operate, the “healthcare” that they provide has resulted in the death of over 40,000 black children.  This statistic alone is staggering until you look deeper and find that blacks account for over 72% of all abortions in Mississippi since 1996.

In New York City it has been reported that in 2012 more black babies were aborted (31,328) than were born (24,758).    Minority blacks are a majority in abortions as 42% of every abortion in New York was performed upon a black baby.

Across the nation, blacks make up about 12% of the population yet they are victims of nearly 40% of all pre-born murders.

The statistics prove that to the “black-leadership” some black lives don’t really matter.

According to US News and World Report only 68% of black students graduate from high school.  Statistics show that nearly 1-3 young black men will spend time in prison in their lifetime, today nearly 1 million black men are in jail, and 70% of black children are born into a home where there is no father present.

As if that’s not enough, 85% of those who interact with juvenile courts are functionally illiterate, while 70% of all inmates in America’s prisons cannot read above the 4th grade level.  Although literacy is a great measure of future success in life America, “black-leadership” keeps inner city black-children imprisoned in failing schools.  Evidently black success, and consequently black lives, don’t really matter.  And it is “black-leadership” that is selling them out.

Under Gene Harris, former Superintendent of Columbus, Ohio schools, administrators were caught “data-rigging” the records of inner city black children.  To put it in blunt terms, they changed grades and records for thousands of minority children thereby depriving them of tutoring and extra help.  The reason?  It seems that there were financial incentives for the “leaders” in making the achievements of the children more palatable.  Several of these administrators have gone to jail.  More should.  Thousands of young black children will never recover from the loss of education.

Oh, did I mention that Dr. Gene Harris is black?  Black lives matter, huh?   It is just a slogan.  Much of America’s “black leadership” should be in jail.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, called blacks “human weeds.”  Evidently much of the “black-leadership” agrees with her.

The stark reality is that money matters…not the lives of black children.  Money drives black activism…not black lives.

Do individual black lives really matter to black leadership?

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