Mike Huckabee the Liberal

Glenn Beck hit the nail on the head with his statement on RINO Mike Huckabee, pegging him for the liberal that he is (though Beck uses the word “Progressive”, which I refuse to use–there is NOTHING “progressive” about liberal ideology).

From the Tea Party News Network:

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“I will tell you, however, that Mike Huckabee is not what he appears,” Beck warned his vast audience on Tuesday. “Mike Huckabee is one of the most disingenuous men I have ever, ever met. And I have had several encounters with him and I know a lot of people really like him. I am not one of them. I think he’s a political player, and I have less respect for people who invoke the name of God and then are politicians on top of it. He’s a politician from the get-go,” Beck stated.

I actually like a politician who will invoke the name of God (usually). It usually means they have the guts to disregard the revisionist crap about our nation’s Christian heritage that is peddled by the Left and paid homage to by the vast majority of the RINOs out there.

Huckabee is a different animal, however. Being a former preacher, he’s a little too close to the truth to deny it outright…at least with his words.  He just denies it with his actions. He talks a good game, and has misled millions on his Fox News show, but he is a RINO of the deepest stripe, and may even be worse in some ways than the RINOs who disdain Republican principles with their mouths.  He makes a big show of sounding conservative…but has a record of a died-in-the-wood liberal.  He is, as Republicans often call him in Arkansas, a “pro-life liberal.”  I consider saving innocent human life to be of paramount importance…but not to the detriment of the free market, national defense, the economy, and public safety, as Huckabee’s actions (and somewhat veiled comments) as governor have all threatened.

I have been exposing this dangerous charlatan since 2007, when I started to learn about his record. What I was reading was confirmed during a very long conversation I had with an Arkansas Republican legislator who knew Huckabee’s liberal proclivities quite well.

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He’ll be a great help to the liberals who seek to once again muddy the GOP field of presidential candidates, as Beck also pointed out:

“I think that’s what’s happening. Just as much as Mitt Romney is trying to run block and tackle for Jeb Bush. Huckabee is running block and tackle for — against Ted Cruz. Being good little foot shoulders. I can guarantee you he doesn’t like Ted Cruz’s policy. Guarantee it.”

Don’t allow yourself or your friends to be taken in by “the Huckster.” Learn about his record, then help educate others.

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