Radical Islam Screwing Up the Quest for Global Utopia?

Paris_terrorismThere is a liberal progressive global vision for the world in which all religious beliefs, starting with Christianity, are wholly squelched. Those running this political and public relations campaign have the nation of Israel and American Christians in their sights. They continue to shape public opinion in such a way that the influence of Christianity will finally fall prey to ‘science’ and ‘hate speech’ as Israel loses its wingman (AMERICA) in their fight for self-preservation.

All the worlds problems can be solved, after all, if we could just annihilate all those pesky religions….

Looks like Allah hasn’t got the memo!

Ted Cruz 2016


The global elite may think they can save their most daunting task for last, but the Jihad train waits for no one!

In the meantime, as Barry remains on the down low, the rest of the free world has united.

Public opinion is a fragile thing. It takes just one accurately reported act of terror to upend the whole Utopian deception…I mean, momentum.

Woodrow Wilcox


It’s not too difficult to stir up some propagandized antisemitism and paint a vigilant and militarily reactive Israel as some uncompromising War Machine blindly and thoughtlessly picking off Muslims (especially women and children). But that is merely a gross and deplorable meme perpetuated by the global elites and shameless leftists controlling the media.

It is also fairly simple to shakeup the local and national majority opinion that traditional marriage should stand. With a little help from their Hollywood friends and activist appointees, anything is possible (and that includes crushing the First Amendment and our whole Judeo-Christian foundation of common law and natural order).

But in the end, it just took a few French cartoonists to push the envelope and show the world that there are some divides that are not so easily manipulated. We will never speak the same ‘secularized’ language; there is simply too much hate and dissention for these godless humanists to continue to forward their agenda uninterrupted.

Now we are reminded that evil takes on various forms (subtle, sensual, and excessively violent – to name a few). The culture may tolerate the aborted fetus and the sexually indoctrinated child but eventually it all becomes too much to bear. Eventually, mass misery reigns.

Evil does exist. It lies in the hearts of all men. It just so happens that every now and then an evil act occurs that is just too hard to ignore.

And the day will come that mankind will no longer have an answer……

When appeasement fails, to whom shall you go?

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