Police Work: Not the Cake Walk Many Think It Is

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This excellent video report from Fox 10 is something every–every–American should see. Regardless of whether you understand what policemen face when doing their jobs, or whether you think you do but you don’t, or whether you have no idea and you know it.

In the Phoenix area, Jarrett Maupin was a vocal critic of police. But he courageously agreed to go through some police training with Maricopa County, Arizona officers to see first hand what it’s like to face some of the scenarios police must deal with out there.

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As you’ll see in this report, making those split-second decisions wasn’t nearly as easy or clear-cut as he thought.  In fact, if this had been real, Maupin would have been in a whole heap of trouble…and some people (who’ve done far, far less than thugs like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown) would be dead.

Not because Maupin was a racist. Not because Maupin was a hot-head.

Simply because the world is a very dangerous place, and there are some very bad people out there who mean to do good people a lot of harm.

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When someone demonstrates a pretty clear disregard for the authority of the law, and they are behaving in an aggressive fashion, police have to consider public safety as well as their own safety…and sometimes, depending on a variety of factors in a given circumstance, they may not be in a position to employ less than deadly force. A policeman may not know whether someone is unarmed, or whether they have weapons within easy reach, or they might be able to do you serious harm with an object at hand, or with their bare hands, or even get control of your weapon and use it against you.

Kudos to Rev. Maupin for having the courage to do what most people from his background probably would never think of: check out the facts, and admit when you were wrong.

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