Righteous Kill: The American Sniper

Until we walk in another man’s shoes we can never truly know what shapes and motivates who they are and what they do. But as Americans, we have a sense of what it means to love our country, our freedom, and our fellow man.

I love my fellow man. I love my family and I love my country. I want to see them valued and protected.

I thank God for men like Chris Kyle. These are men that should always be honored and respected.

Ted Cruz 2016


War must be hell. How often must we ask the question, ‘what the hell are we fighting for?’ and hold our elected officials accountable to ‘We the People’!

But as long as evil lies in the hearts of men, a strong and ready defense will always be warranted. We fight today that we may see tomorrow.

It may be argued that Chris Kyle should have kept a low profile upon his return from active duty, for his own safety as much as anything else (as the enemies of America both foreign and domestic abound in our day). But can we justly argue against Kyle’s right to freely and boldly express himself? You may be able to kill the God-fearing patriot but you will never silence him!

Woodrow Wilcox


Let us also remember that Kyle was a Navy SEAL and a trained killer. If those he were forced to shoot and kill were not the enemy (or a threat to his brothers-in-arms) then why were we there?

Kyle did what he was trained to do and did what his country asked of him. Those who throw stones at the man, his memory, and his service, while hiding in their own sinful shadows are deplorable.

May God bless the wounded, weary, and faithful soldier and keep em till He summons them Home!

The Soldier (an Original Poem)

I have a friend many miles away
Between stability and disarray
Be certain he will persevere
For the many remembering him in prayer
A great patriot when duty calls
Will not recede, he’s standing tall
Let’s not forget the sacrifice
The men in green who give their life
Our country owes much gratitude
To those who serve, the proud the few
While trifles small consume our time
The soldiers life is on the line
So be watchful friend and take great care
Because we are calling, home draws near

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