The Hideous, Evil Face of Homofascist Hate

anger_mouthOutside of the Biblical accounts of it, to see the incorrigible hatred that Satan and his demonic hordes have for God, His Word and His people, we need look no further than the words of Satan’s children. These people effectively project demonic hatred of all that is right and true. I saw the hideous face of the human hounds of Hell on Wednesday.

In my column, “Teen’s Suicide Shows Tragic Folly of ‘Transgender’ Delusion,” I addressed the horrific, late-December suicide of Ohio teenager, Josh Alcorn, a mentally ill boy who believed he was a girl. The piece was nothing but the truth about the dangerous mental and spiritual sickness of “transgenderism,” a warped belief that one is a member of the opposite sex. Rational people understand that this is a biological impossibility, and that those who have this belief are dealing with serious mental health problems. But the purveyors of sexual perversion in our world today have gone to great lengths to recruit “scientists” who present papers and “studies” that purport to “prove” people suffering from this delusion are truly “men trapped inside women’s bodies,” or vice versa. These are well-funded lies, which homosexualists use as feeble weapons to claim that if we don’t believe them, then we’re “anti-science.” Naturally, this is a fallacy. We are not anti-science. We are anti-political science—in the truest sense of the term—big difference.

So, after my column was published Wednesday on the sites that carry my stuff, it was targeted at Renew America by a pro-homosexual activist Facebook page. Since my Facebook page was set to accept public comments, I was inundated with vile, vicious, lie-laden comments and messages and obscene images from the pushers of “tolerance,” who claim to despise “hatred.” The glaring irony of this is clearly lost on these people. In their diseased minds, Christians who simply tell the truth about the tyrannical homosexual movement and the fact that homosexual behavior is immoral, unhealthy and unnatural are “haters.” It’s just like the devil’s children to falsely impart to others their own traits.

Ted Cruz 2016


Since average Americans, who do not speak out publicly against the radical homosexualists, do not necessarily understand how evil these people truly are, I thought it important to show the world a very common sampling of their hideous faces. Here’s a glimpse into the hundreds of comments and messages I received Wednesday on Facebook. Be warned: Some of these screen shot links contain extreme, disturbing profanity.

Here, I am told I should be in front of the semi-truck that ran over Josh Alcorn, and that I should commit suicide.

Here is a veiled threat against my family, “So whore, hows [sic] the family, hope [sic] nothing bad happens to them, it [sic] would be a shame if they were hurt in some manner while going out…” The rest is too profane to include here.

Woodrow Wilcox


Here is another not-so-veiled death threat against me, “Your [sic] a dead women [sic] b****.” His poor spelling and punctuation takes some of the “oomph” out of his message.

This one makes the cut for sheer profane creativeness, while passing along the hope that I rot in Hell.

Chiding me for my refusal to participate in the charade that this boy “was a girl” whose name was “Leelah” (not Josh!) was a common theme among the comments. This one expressed that sentiment, as well as calling me the “C-word,” declaring my ignorance, and again pronouncing Hell as my final destination.

Here is another lunatic, “she’s a girl!” screech.

Here is a profanity-laced suggestion that I kill myself by drinking bleach.

This is another of the many spelling-and-grammar-challenged, profanity-laden offerings that expresses the hope that the truck driver would hit me on purpose, because I am “… such a sad waste of a human being and don’t deserve to be alive.”

I can actually quote this entire comment, since it lacks overt profanity (apply the bad grammar and spelling “[sic]” where needed): “You are going to be legally tried, charges, and sentenced to hang for your crimes against humanity you mentally diseased, cancerous, parasitic, militant, christo-fascist, evil Nazi savage whore. The world be better for it and not one more human being that matters to this world will cry for your end. You are the cancer and you will be cut out.”

Continuing with the “better world” theme, this one imagines the world would be a slightly better place if I died.

Here is another proof that these people have as their deepest desire to silence opposition to their demented agenda. This one, employing the requisite profanity, accuses me of causing people to kill themselves (as did many others) and threatens to shut down for “hate speech” my Facebook page and websites that carry my columns.

We can’t have homofascist hatred on display without the obligatory “inbred hick” label, but he gets points for using the word “vapid” in a sentence.

Veiled threat: “be a shame if someone knew where you lived”

Another veiled threat: “Watch your step Gina, you never know when a lorry may be around the corner”

This guy can speak for himself (apply “[sic]” liberally here): “You have to be one of the most idiotic people on this planet ! And your god is not the true Christian God your god is a God of hate there for you are the Demon ! Serve your hate filled god all you want but when you meet your god, who has no use for you as a lowly female , don’t start crying when you realize your in hell with the hate filled false demon god you follow ! You are no real Christian nor are you ever going to meet Jesus ! You have no empathy in you you have abandoned your love your are a false human …. You are the demon !”

There you go. There were around 300 more comments where those came from, each worse than the last. So, the next time you’re exposed to homofascist propaganda that seeks to convince you those people are all about “love,” “tolerance,” “respect” and “equality,” remember those are lies straight from the pit of Hell. These are vicious people with utterly reprobate minds, to whom truth and reason are like sunlight to a vampire.

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    All name-calling and no attempts to actually counter anything you said. What does that tell you?