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invoice_fOn January 5, 2015, a couple came to my office for help. They were from DeMotte, Indiana. The woman was very upset because she just got a letter that day that her Medicare supplement insurance policy was cancelled for non-payment when she knew that she had paid the policy premium.

I was busy with other clients already. The couple could not wait for me to finish with the other clients. So, I copied the papers that the woman brought so that I could work on her problem later. When I reviewed the papers, I saw the problem and phoned the client to ease her mind and let her know that I believed that I could solve her problem. I stayed past 5 p.m. to review her papers and phone her.

The next day, I made a three-way call with the client and the insurance company. I explained precisely what I believed the insurance company had done by mistake which caused the problem. Then, I faxed and mailed documents to the insurance company to show them what error I believed their staff had made.

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Then, I coached our client on what to do to avoid the problem in the future. What was the problem? What was the mistake that the insurance company made?

It was human error. When someone who is working is rushed, or tired, or distracted, a mistake can easily happen. In this case, our client sent one check to pay premiums for both her husband’s and her own Medicare supplement insurance policy. She clearly marked on the check that the purpose was to pay for both policies and she wrote the policy numbers.

The mistake was that the company clerk credited her husband’s policy for the entire amount of the check and did not credit the wife’s policy for payment. To avoid this problem in the future, I asked our client to send two separate checks – one for each policy.

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Our client did nothing wrong. The insurance company clerk made an innocent mistake. Still, the mistake shocked and upset our client. I worked as quickly as I could to fix the problem because I wanted our client to relax and know that the problem could be fixed.

All the help that I gave to this client was FREE OF CHARGE. The owners, managers, and staff of this insurance agency really do care about our senior citizen clients. We “go the extra mile” to protect them from financial harm when mistakes are made in the Medicare system. Does your insurance agency give this high standard of service to its senior citizen clients? If not, why not?

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